Never Forget


Americans enjoy freedom like no other country in the world.  We embrace freedom in every way possible and guard it with our very lives.

Whether your ancestors sacrificed their blood to create a free country in 1776 or they arrived on America’s shores in later centuries to follow their dream of freedom, or whether your sons, your daughters, your husbands or wives are this very day wearing a uniform and protecting  your freedom -they are all heroes.  Remember them and their families for their service, their bravery, and their sacrifice.

This Memorial Day display your American flag proudly in whatever way you can.   As you light the grill and share an abundance of food and friendship, take a moment to remember our American heroes and the true meaning of Memorial Day.   Thank these heroes…in your heart and in person.

Never take your freedom for granted.  It was hard won and will be fiercely guarded by all of us…the melting pot that is America. Never forget.


Keeping It Short & Simple – ACS Has New and Simpler Online RMA Forms


Yep, we agree.  Filling out forms is a pain in the rump.  Either online or on paper, every time you turn around, it seems like someone wants you to fill out a form oftentimes repeating information you know darn well they already have.  Feel the blood pressure rising yet?   Reaching for the Xanax?

Well, ACS does not want your blood pressure to get too high.  You might have noticed we’ve been fiddling around with our online RMA form.  It’s all about simplifying a rather complicated process to minimize your effort and maximize our information flow.

Turns out sometimes the effort to make things simpler can get really complicated…and to any of you who experienced frustration with our RMA form recently, we apologize.

And, we are turning back the hands of time to a slightly revamped version of our earlier RMA form that was pretty simple after all.  Our fearless webmaster is making it so.

Need industrial electronic repairs?  Don’t fear the RMA form!  Got questions or concerns?  Give our customer service reps a call at 800-605-6419.  We are easy to talk to and will answer your questions.

Need power supply repairs, drive, circuit board, encoder, plc, monitor, touch screen, or servo motor repairs?  Our entire team is ready to help you get your equipment repaired and returned quickly and simply.







Do Not Leave Your Fingers Behind at Work

And I mean that literally…if you have a manufacturing job such as power press operator, you really do not need or want to donate any fingers or limbs to the plant.  But this does happen…and often!

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 49% of the injuries from mechanical power presses resulted in an amputation.  Ow! That’s a lot of missing digits!

With a decreasing skilled workforce and the uptick in lean manufacturing principles, there seems to be a matching increased need for better safety technology in manufacturing facilities.

Manufacturers really benefit from working directly with machine builders to integrate a combination of safety solutions right into the machine such as interlocks, hard guarding, palm stations and camera-based safety systems designed for press brake machines.

The newer camera-based systems employ a sender and a receiver mounted on the upper beam of a press which safe guards the punch during the fast downward movement.  It sends a signal to the press controller to stop the closing movement of the press as soon as an object such as a hand or finger is detected.  Voila…no digits left on the floor!

Improved safety can play a role in cutting waste, increasing quality, and reducing costs.  The newest safety technologies are integrated into the streamlining and automation processes.  There’s no downside for the employee or the employer.

The best repair shops will offer free evaluations, accurate quotes, warranties on both the parts and the labor, rush service as needed, and excellent customer service.

Encoders Gone Wild

Not sure what’s going on out there, but we got practically a wagon-load of encoders in for repair today.  That’s great for us because there’s nothing we love better than solving your electronic repair problems, but what the heck?  Is there an evil encoder wizard out there casting electronic mayhem spells?

Whatever the mysterious cause, we will get them repaired… but it does remind me of some useful encoder care and trouble- shooting advice  I published last year called Encoders…The Weakest Link.  Check it out for useful details.

If however, your encoders are already gone wild and you need help fast, then by all means, send them in to our tech team today. ACS Industrial’s dedicated encoder repairstech team has all the manufacturers covered including BEI encoders, Heidenhain, Dynapar, Allen Bradley, Fanuc, Sumtak, Tamagawa, Yaskawa encoders, Fincor, and many others.


Survey Shows Manufacturing Prices Are Headed Up

A spring 2011 survey of 318 U.S. CFOs and senior controllers, 50 of whom were manufacturers, shows there are serious concerns about inflation with 66% saying their company intends to raise the sales price for their goods over the next six months, up from 35% six months earlier.

96% of the CFOs identified pricing concerns with raw materials such as cotton, metals, and petroleum-based products, up from 62% six months earlier and 58% identified concerns about energy costs, up from 33% six months earlier.  With such sharp increases in commodity prices, manufacturers felt they had no choice but to pass along the increases to their customers.  Efficiency improvements have helped to keep costs down over the past three years, but the manufacturers believed they could not drive down their costs enough to absorb the higher raw materials costs.

47% intended to increase staffing which is good news and up from 18% six months earlier.  58% were optimistic about their own company over the next six months which is also up from 35% earlier.

As we always say at ACS Industrial, repair your manufacturing and industrial equipment whenever possible to keep costs down.  Buying new is almost always more costly.  Drive repairs, servo motor repairs, encoder repairs, power supply repairs, monitor repairs….these are all ways to save, especially when you can expect to be paying more for raw materials in the near future.

The referenced survey was completed by Grant Thornton LLP., the U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd.