Keeping It Short & Simple – ACS Has New and Simpler Online RMA Forms

Yep, we agree.  Filling out forms is a pain in the rump.  Either online or on paper, every time you turn around, it seems like someone wants you to fill out a form oftentimes repeating information you know darn well they already have.  Feel the blood pressure rising yet?   Reaching for the Xanax?

Well, ACS does not want your blood pressure to get too high.  You might have noticed we’ve been fiddling around with our online RMA form.  It’s all about simplifying a rather complicated process to minimize your effort and maximize our information flow.

Turns out sometimes the effort to make things simpler can get really complicated…and to any of you who experienced frustration with our RMA form recently, we apologize.

And, we are turning back the hands of time to a slightly revamped version of our earlier RMA form that was pretty simple after all.  Our fearless webmaster is making it so.

Need industrial electronic repairs?  Don’t fear the RMA form!  Got questions or concerns?  Give our customer service reps a call at 800-605-6419.  We are easy to talk to and will answer your questions.

Need power supply repairs, drive, circuit board, encoder, plc, monitor, touch screen, or servo motor repairs?  Our entire team is ready to help you get your equipment repaired and returned quickly and simply.