Never Forget

Americans enjoy freedom like no other country in the world.  We embrace freedom in every way possible and guard it with our very lives.

Whether your ancestors sacrificed their blood to create a free country in 1776 or they arrived on America’s shores in later centuries to follow their dream of freedom, or whether your sons, your daughters, your husbands or wives are this very day wearing a uniform and protecting  your freedom -they are all heroes.  Remember them and their families for their service, their bravery, and their sacrifice.

This Memorial Day display your American flag proudly in whatever way you can.   As you light the grill and share an abundance of food and friendship, take a moment to remember our American heroes and the true meaning of Memorial Day.   Thank these heroes…in your heart and in person.

Never take your freedom for granted.  It was hard won and will be fiercely guarded by all of us…the melting pot that is America. Never forget.