Encoders Gone Wild

Not sure what’s going on out there, but we got practically a wagon-load of encoders in for repair today.  That’s great for us because there’s nothing we love better than solving your electronic repair problems, but what the heck?  Is there an evil encoder wizard out there casting electronic mayhem spells?

Whatever the mysterious cause, we will get them repaired… but it does remind me of some useful encoder care and trouble- shooting advice  I published last year called Encoders…The Weakest Link.  Check it out for useful details.

If however, your encoders are already gone wild and you need help fast, then by all means, send them in to our tech team today. ACS Industrial’s dedicated encoder repairstech team has all the manufacturers covered including BEI encoders, Heidenhain, Dynapar, Allen Bradley, Fanuc, Sumtak, Tamagawa, Yaskawa encoders, Fincor, and many others.