burned ISO circuit board repair

CASE STUDY – REPAIR SOLUTIONS FROM THE PLANT:  TINY parts can cause BIG problems. Perfect example – this 6 inch square ISO board was blowing a 1 amp fuse bringing the Charmilles Form 20 to a stop in our customer’s Mid-Atlantic tooling shop

The results of this “mini-explosion” are a burned ribbon cable and connector and a burned pcb. Not to mention the dreaded down-time. This sounds ominous and it did look pretty bad. But yes! This ISO board WAS repairable! The capacitor was bad and five transistors shorted, all of which were replaced. Damaged traces were also repaired.

charmilles pcb repair services

The connector was damaged beyond repair however, so the ribbon cable was hard soldered directly to the circuit board to make the final repair. This type of repair is acceptable in many situations and saved our customer a great deal of money and time.This tiny troublemaker is back in the tooling shop.

Need Charmilles repairs? Got a damaged circuit board that needs repairs?  We can help. 

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