Amazing Charmilles CNC Board Repairs Get Machine Shop Up and Running

Expert Charmilles CNC Circuit Board Repairs
Charmilles CNC Circuit Board Before Repairs

Machine shops are usually pretty busy places, and sometimes, pretty dirty places.  All that grease and dirt have a sneaky way of getting in where you don’t want them.  Take a look at the before picture of this board out of a Charmilles Wire EDM.  Now that is one dirty board!  But that was only part of the problem.

The other problems were corrosion and damaged components.  Once again, the evil trifecta of dirt, grease and moisture have brought this machine to a stop with error messages and slowed production in this Midwest U.S. machine shop.

After a good scrubbing, lots of testing, repair and replacement of damaged components, this grungy board came out beautiful (see “after” photo).

Get Expert Repairs for Your Damaged Charmilles CNC Boards
Charmilles CNC Circuit Board After Repairs

And what did the customer have to say about it?“Put board in works great.  Been cutting all day with it, thank you”.      JamesThat says it all!