Touchscreen Touchdown: Top 2 Types of Touchscreen Monitors

You have probably interacted with a touchscreen monitor regularly in your daily activities. You may have seen them in ATMs, vending machines, computers, and more. The keyboard is no longer the best way to interact with your electronic devices. With just a finger tap, pinch, or swipe, you can navigate […]

Repair your Crestron TPS Touch Screen with ACS

We repair industrial and commercial touch screens regularly here at ACS. Some have had a tough life, pounded by pens or sometimes dented or even punctured by something sharper. Many displays have lost vibrancy or developed annoying lines. Others have worn-out touch areas, or the sound functions are failing to […]

ACS Industrial Services’ Administrative Offices Moving

As of Monday, October 3, 2011, ACS will be ready to rock in their new digs.  That’s right, ACS is pulling up their tent stakes, hitchin’ up the mules and moving…all of a half mile northeast! The new offices will be more efficient and sunnier too.  More windows = even […]