5 Ways to Prevent Circuit Board Dirt Damage in Harsh Environments

5 Ways to Prevent Circuit Board Dirt Damage in Harsh Environments

Circuit boards are the backbone of nearly all electronic devices today. Their health and efficiency affect the overall performance of equipment. Unfortunately, in harsh environments, one prevalent issue that often goes unnoticed is circuit board dirt damage. While dirt might seem harmless, it can wreak havoc on sensitive electronics like circuit […]

What is a Circuit Board?

If you are new to the world of industrial electronics, you may be hearing the terms “circuit board” or “printed circuit board” come up quite often. Circuit boards are one of the most important inventions ever created. Keep reading to learn more about circuit boards and how they help industrial […]

3 Key Tips to Extend the Life of Your Printed Circuit Boards

As you probably know by now, printed circuit boards don’t last forever.  Not even the very expensive ones inside your industrial equipment.   But did you know that you can extend the life of your circuit boards? And, potentially put off the need for circuit board repairs a little longer? The […]

Help for Water Damaged Industrial Electronic Equipment

Has it rained near you in the past 48 hours?  Probably.  Nearly every state in the U.S. has experienced heavy rains and flooding this spring.  With the floods came the resulting water damaged industrial electronic equipment.  Seems like there is always another storm right behind the last one with barely a chance […]

Eight Tips to Keep Your CNC Machine Working Better and Longer

Think about it…if you go to the doctor and he or she treats only your obvious symptoms, are you cured?  Probably not.  Sooner or later the problem will return.  Getting at the root cause of the problem is key to the cure for both humans and machines. For example, how […]

Winning Solution For “Jerry-Rigged” Circuit Boards

Sometimes we receive some pretty mysterious repair jobs on the old loading dock.  Recently we received three printed circuit boards that were so, so, well, so “jerry-rigged” that we were wondering how they ever worked in the first place what with the point to point hand wiring, jumpers, and patches […]

Highlights of 4th Quarter Manufacturing Survey of North American Manufacturers

MFG.com has reported the latest MFGWatch survey results for the 4th quarter and they are both interesting and heartening in some areas.  The survey represents a cross section of industries including consumer products, machinery tools & equipment, textiles, aerospace, automotive, medical, and defense.

Are Voltage Regulators Really Necessary?

The answer to this question could be “it depends”, but I’m going to go right out to end of the tree limb and say the answer is “yes”, voltage regulators are necessary, even here in the United States where the delivery of power is pretty consistent. Consistent to the extent […]

The Secret to Success is Not Keeping Success a Secret

Just yesterday I was listening to a sports interviewer (who shall go unnamed) baiting Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens by suggesting the team was great but  “stuck” with QB Joe Flacco.  It made me think for a few minutes about why Joe Flacco does not seem to get the […]