The Benefits of Lab Equipment Repair Services

When you own and operate a lab, the performance of  your equipment is vital. Not only does it need to be correctly calibrated and functioning, it also needs to be reliable. You can’t have precious equipment breakdown or malfunction at the wrong time – or any time.

Can Your Water Damaged Circuit Boards Be Repaired?

Circuit boards are not designed to operate in humid conditions – but what happens when your circuit board is exposed to moisture? Is it possible to repair it? The sad but simple answer to this question is some water damaged circuit boards can be repaired some of the time. Once exposed to water, damage to your electronics begins within seconds – and the longer the exposure the worse the damage. Technically, it’s not really the water itself that is the real problem – but more on that later.

What I/O Cards Are And How They Work

The term I/O means “input” and “output”. An I/O card facilitates communication with the computer by sending and receiving data. I/O is one of the three main components of computers. Basically, for every input, there’s an output. You pull up a document on your computer and use the keyboard to print it. The keyboard is the input and the printer is the output. This is a simple explanation of I/O, but it’s a good start to help explain what I/O cards are and how they work.

What are the Most Common Issues with Hobart Champion 10000 Circuit Boards 

5 Facts You May Not Know About Circuit Boards

Circuit boards have been in existence for more than a century, and as technology has progressed, they have played a major role in virtually every industry. But what are they and what job do they perform? A circuit board’s main function is to connect all of the electronic components in […]

What is RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance)

To ensure machines’ longevity, optimum efficiency, and safety of employees, any company that manages physical assets needs an efficient preventative maintenance program. One such program is reliability-centered maintenance, commonly referred to as RCM. 

Troubleshooting your Servo Motor Repair

Servo motors are an essential part of most production units. A servo motor is an electronic actuator that facilitates efficient and precise control of a machine’s linear or angular position, velocity, and acceleration. The voltage dictates the torque and speed that a servo motor produces supplied to it. To troubleshoot […]