Philips Medical Monitor Repair Success!

philips medical monitor repairsMedical monitors don’t last forever! Very frustrating! But, the good news is that most monitors, like this Philips medical monitor, are repairable! And, best of all, they are usually cost effective to repair! In a recent example, with many Philips  monitors to repair, our clinical asset manager customer needed help fast!

The problem?

“There is no power coming out of this board to the backlight. We switched this boardphilips medical lmonitor repairs out with a working board and the backlight worked.” That was the helpful problem description provided by our customer. The item pictured is a Philips circuit board p/n M8079-66401 out of a Philips medical monitor.

The fix?


YES! ACS Industrial Repairs Medical Electronics

GE Healthcare electronics repairsYou’ve been asking!  These days we are frequently asked, “Do you repair medical electronics?” The answer is YES! ACS repairs many electronics for medical and laboratory devices. And, our experienced technicians have more than 20 years of experience with electronic medical and laboratory equipment repairs!

When your electronic equipment is not working, we know that you canphilips monitor repairs’t get the job done and everyone suffers. Our turnaround time is fast with RUSH repairs taking as little as 2-5 days to complete. We are an independent third-party repair house servicing out of warranty equipment that the OEM no longer supports. Our goal is to get your malfunctioning electronic equipment back up and running Fast, Accurately, and Economically.