Troubleshooting and Repairs For Your Teknic SST-1500-561 Servo Drive

Small but mighty, servo drives are critical players on the industrial playing field. These drives are common in CNC machining, factory automation, and robotics . The Teknic SST-1500-561 servo drive is a frequent flyer – meaning there are a lot of them out there working hard (see photo). If your […]

Repairs for Your Charmilles Operator Keyboard

Is your Charmilles operator keyboard having problems communicating? Has your F2 key gone bad and refusing to do anything? Keys broken off altogether? If so, you could have a nasty case of what we call “HUKS”! That’s short for “Hard Use Keyboard Syndrome” – a common “infection” in industrial settings […]

Repair your Crestron TPS Touch Screen with ACS

We repair industrial and commercial touch screens regularly here at ACS. Some have had a tough life, pounded by pens or sometimes dented or even punctured by something sharper. Many displays have lost vibrancy or developed annoying lines. Others have worn-out touch areas, or the sound functions are failing to […]