Case Study Repair Solutions: Was This Operator Control Panel Really Unrepairable?

Ever been told that your operator control panel is unrepairable?  Or that you would need to upgrade to continue production? Yep, I thought so. I know, we’ve mentioned this situation before but it happens to our customers so often it’s worth repeating. Please don’t throw in the towel on your dependable […]

REAL LIFE REPAIR SOLUTIONS: Komori Touchscreen Went Blank

REAL LIFE REPAIR SOLUTIONS : Komori Touchscreen went blank…and also, your question answered. Here’s one question we get asked a lot… “To send in an item for repair, do we need to know what the problem is with the unit?” The short answer? No! Relax, this is ok. We’ve got this! […]


REAL LIFE REPAIR SOLUTIONS FROM THE PLANT FLOOR:  Gettys DC Drive Controller Quits Working The SAD part of the story: “the axis was real jerky and continued to get worse until it QUIT”. Ouch! Quitting on the job is never good, human or machine. So, what’s up with this nice […]