Power Supply Repairs for TV Stations

Hey, so what’s going on in all those television stations around the country?  For some reason we have been seeing a huge increase in damaged power supplies sent in for repairs from television stations.  Maybe things are getting a little rough out there in TV land?

Winning Solution For “Jerry-Rigged” Circuit Boards

Sometimes we receive some pretty mysterious repair jobs on the old loading dock.  Recently we received three printed circuit boards that were so, so, well, so “jerry-rigged” that we were wondering how they ever worked in the first place what with the point to point hand wiring, jumpers, and patches […]

Amazing Charmilles CNC Board Repairs Get Machine Shop Up and Running

Machine shops are usually pretty busy places, and sometimes, pretty dirty places.  All that grease and dirt have a sneaky way of getting in where you don’t want them.  Take a look at the before picture of this board out of a Charmilles Wire EDM.  Now that is one dirty […]

A Case Study for Creative Solutions for Allen Bradley Touch Screen Repair

Case Study for Repairs on aging Touch Screen:   Who says electronic repair work doesn’t require creativity?  Yes, experience, education, skill, and patience (lots of that!) are necessary.  But a good dose of creativity is just what can make the difference in solving a challenging repair.