Servo Motor Problem Causes Trouble for Heavy Industrial Manufacturing Plant

Get Expert Okuma Servo Motor RepairsThe ACS Troublemaker of the Week award goes to this Okuma BL-MC200J-12TB  servo motor.  The motor came out of a major U.S. East Coast heavy industrial manufacturing plant.

The motor quit while on the job, and, not surprisingly, upon evaluation we discovered it was heavily contaminated with oil. The is one of the most common causes of servo motor failure. Why? Because, even in the best motors, there are plenty of places for the motor to leak allowing liquids such as oil or coolants to intrude into areas where they do not belong.

Here are a few things you can do to mitigate or prevent this unhappy situation:

  • During maintenance replace seals rather than reuse old ones.
  • Replace worn plugs. Loose pins can allow liquids to seep in.
  • Keep oil and coolants from being sprayed directly on to the servo motor; your motor and cabling can be customized to minimize leakage.

If you suspect your servo motor needs repair and you need a free evaluation click this link:

ACS Industrial Services Has Gone Mobile!

Before, it was super-easy to find ACS Industrial Services’ website and online RMA/free evaluation form at your desktop computer. But now it’s even easier! You can find it anywhere, anytime on your cell phone or tablet with our new Mobile website at We are excited to announce that, as of this week, we have officially launched our mobile website so that no matterwhere you are you can quickly bring up the ACS Industrial website.

We’ve simplified the mobile site so that it loads quickly and offers all of the key services and information.   We haven’t bogged it down with too many graphics or slow-loading pages so that even if, say you are out on the shop floor because your CNC machine just stopped working, you can get to our site fast to get the repair information you need right now!  AND, best of all, no need for a printer!  When you fill in the online repair form, all of the data is automatically sent to our tech center and our customer service team so that we’ve got it all and we are just waiting to receive your item for evaluation and repair.   Thought you’d appreciate that.

Want to check out our Manufacturers page? Click here Or, how about the ever-popular Pricing page? Need to fill out a repair form right now?  Click here  Let us know what you think of our new mobile site and how it’s working for you!


Surf’s Up But Candy Won’t Be Served Unless the Scale is Working

A famous ocean-side candy shop chain came to ACS recently with a Combiscale circuit board that wasn’t working.  That wouldn’t be so alarming if they weren’t facing the start of the beach-going season when they make the majority of their sales for the year.  Virtually everyone who visits East Coast beaches will shop here – and that’s a lot of candy!

Communication is a key part of any successful repair process whether it’s with the customer, the manufacturer, the parts manufacturers and distributors, other repair technicians, or anyone else that needs to be a part of the process.   We use all available avenues to resolve sticky (pun intended!) repair situations and in this case we coordinated distributors, machine reps, the customer and our own team for a successful scale repair – just in time for all those sandy beach-goers to make their annual trek to the candy store!  Mmmm – I can taste that chewy deliciousness already!


Is Losing Your Test Equipment Almost Like Losing Your Eyes, Ears, Nose, Touch?

Damaged Test Equipment Can be Repaired and RecalibratedToday may be National Donut Day (really, it is!) but I say let’s declare it  Appreciate Your Test Equipment Day!

For all you guys out in the field, where would you be without your trusty test equipment?  Those high tech, nearly indestructible gadgets help us see what we can’t see, hear what we can’t hear, sense what we can’t.  They are invaluable and most of us couldn’t do our jobs without them.
It’s easy to take our gadgets for granted so take a moment to give a little gratitude to your test equipment today.
If, however, your out-of-warranty test equipment is damaged or not working, they can still usually be cost effectively repaired.  Click here for more information about test equipment repairs .