Servo Motor Problem Causes Trouble for Heavy Industrial Manufacturing Plant

Get Expert Okuma Servo Motor Repairs

The ACS Troublemaker of the Week award goes to this Okuma BL-MC200J-12TB  servo motor.  The motor came out of a major U.S. East Coast heavy industrial manufacturing plant.

The motor quit while on the job, and, not surprisingly, upon evaluation we discovered it was heavily contaminated with oil. The is one of the most common causes of servo motor failure. Why? Because, even in the best motors, there are plenty of places for the motor to leak allowing liquids such as oil or coolants to intrude into areas where they do not belong.

Here are a few things you can do to mitigate or prevent this unhappy situation:

  • During maintenance replace seals rather than reuse old ones.
  • Replace worn plugs. Loose pins can allow liquids to seep in.
  • Keep oil and coolants from being sprayed directly on to the servo motor; your motor and cabling can be customized to minimize leakage.

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