Surf’s Up But Candy Won’t Be Served Unless the Scale is Working

A famous ocean-side candy shop chain came to ACS recently with a Combiscale circuit board that wasn’t working.  That wouldn’t be so alarming if they weren’t facing the start of the beach-going season when they make the majority of their sales for the year.  Virtually everyone who visits East Coast beaches will shop here – and that’s a lot of candy!

Communication is a key part of any successful repair process whether it’s with the customer, the manufacturer, the parts manufacturers and distributors, other repair technicians, or anyone else that needs to be a part of the process.   We use all available avenues to resolve sticky (pun intended!) repair situations and in this case we coordinated distributors, machine reps, the customer and our own team for a successful scale repair – just in time for all those sandy beach-goers to make their annual trek to the candy store!  Mmmm – I can taste that chewy deliciousness already!