Tectrol Power Supply Repair Services

Tectrol Power Supply Repair Services

Tectrol, a Canadian company, was founded in 1968 and designed and manufactured standard and custom-designed power solutions for more than 40 years. The company was known for its dedication to research and development, along with high standards when it concerned quality and craftsmanship.

At one time Tectrol had field proven more than 1,500 designs and continued to dedicate itself and its personnel to research and develop even more technologies – their goal was to remain at the top of the power supply industry. Their products were known for offering the highest power densities and efficiencies on the market.

Tectrol’s designs ranged from 30 watt switchers all the way to high-density front ends for datacom applications that could range up to 30 kilowatts. Besides boasting a wide inventory of power supplies and related components, Tectrol was also dedicated to its manufacturing side.

The company’s approach utilized the highest level of manufacturing equipment, supported by proven processes. These included:

  • Automated Component Placement (SMT & Through-Hole) – combining SMT and thru-hole insertion in multi-layer boards enables design maximization of circuit density, reliability and cost effectiveness.
  • Stringent Process Controls – in-circuit testing, Automated/integrated functional testing, 100% input power cycled burn-in, ongoing reliability testing (ORT) and demonstrated life testing programs.
  • MRP & Supplier Collaboration – creates a proactive supply chain for quick response to customer needs.
  • CPK Indices – measured processes and testing ensure products function within specifications.

In 2015, Tectrol was acquired by CUI Global, which also bought all of the company’s existing and usable inventory. In addition, Tectrol’s manufacturing capabilities were used to manufacture CUI Global’s Novum and Solus Technologies. 

Tectrol Power Supply Repairs

Tectrol’s products continue to remain working in the field, thanks mostly to the company’s dedication to research, development, and manufacturing. Although it was taken over in 2015, there was still plenty of inventory sold that carried the Tectrol name.

When your operation utilizes Tectrol Power Supply products, there’s a good chance that they might be in need of service or repair, regardless if they are board mounted, chassis mounted, or DIN rail. In most cases, thanks to the durability and dependability of Tectrol’s products, they can be easily maintained and serviced.

At ACS, we’re familiar with Tectrol Power Supplies, and our laboratories and shops are equipped with the latest test and repair equipment. We’ve serviced a wide variety of these power supplies, including:

  • Tectrol TC99S-1015 System Power Supply
  • Tectrol Power Supply 48V 1200W 2000W TC91S-1455
  • Tectrol T065/17-0974 Power Supply

In addition, our techs are familiar with this line of power supplies, which means we can evaluate your Tectrol product, provide you with an accurate quote, and fix your unit. In the event that your Tectrol Power Supply is no longer operational, our team will do its best to find a replacement.

For a Free Evaluation, use our RMA Form link or visit our website and click on the “Contact Us” button on the upper right hand. You can also reach out to us at  800-605-6419 and speak to someone on our customer support team.

Why CRT Monitor Retrofit May be Necessary

Why CRT Monitor Retrofit May be Necessary

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Monitors may seem like an outdated technology, but they continue to be used for a variety of applications across multiple industries.

CRT Monitors were popular for years because they are less expensive than other display technologies, such as LCD monitors, and feature quicker response time. Besides these advantages, CRT monitors can operate at any resolution and images won’t have to be rescaled to fit different aspect ratios – a definite time saving feature.

Plus, a CRT monitor can work in dim to low light, a common lighting situation in machine rooms and other departments in an operation. Part of this is due to the screen’s ability to reflect any available light, which increases brightness. Despite its ability to function in low light, a CRT monitor produces more colors, thanks to its technology.

For these reasons, CRT monitors were popular choices for most industries, However, CRT monitors also come with a number of issues that are making them obsolete.

Time for a Retrofit!

The drawback to CRT monitors is that parts are no longer being manufactured for them due to cathode tube rays needing mercury – a toxic substance that is no longer used in many products due to health concerns.

Another key part of the CRT monitor is the high voltage transformer, which controls horizontal movement of the electron beam that helps create the image. These transformers are no longer being manufactured due to the fact they are considered obsolete.

The process of an LCD retrofit includes a plug and play solution – obsolete components are replaced with new parts that are reliable and perform a faster pace. Retrofits can be performed on virtually any monitor – it’s an upgrade that won’t strain your budget.

ACS can help solve your CRT monitor problem by providing a complete LCD retrofit. This process will allow you to continue using the monitor, but with improved graphic performance and picture quality. 

If you’re looking for an expert LCD retrofit, Contact ACS with the part numbers and detailed specifics of your monitor: model number, make, etc. We will then check our inventory and suppliers to determine the availability of a direct retrofit.

With ACS:

  • You can get your CRT monitor repaired and save up to 80% of the cost to buy a new one
  • Most repairs are back in your hands in 7-15 days.
  • With our Rush Repair Service ACS can ship in just 2-5 days.
  • We Guarantee Our Repairs with A Full Two-Year Warranty

For more information, visit our website and click on the “Contact Us” button on the upper right hand or call 800-605-6419 and speak to someone on our customer support team.

Top 3 Reasons Servo Drives Break Down

Top 3 Reasons Servo Drives Break Down

A servo system plays a crucial part in many operations, and keeping it running is of utmost importance. Downtime due to maintenance can be planned and scheduled without having a major impact on your business, but should your servo driver cease to function, the cost can be extraordinary. 

Servo drivers are built to withstand heavy work loads, and with the right maintenance and care, they can function smoothly. However, they can still fail due to a variety of outside forces, which are beyond control.

Knowing how servo drives can break down can help operators and owners spot potential problems before they get worse, and have the drives repaired quickly. Being proactive can save your operation a great deal of downtime, and more importantly prevent loss of income.

Top 3 Reasons Servo Drives Break Down

Corrupted Software

One of the main components of any servo drive is its software. These programs interpret signals and feedback to help regulate servo motors throughout an operation. Glitches and bugs that are part of the software’s programming can cause the drive to malfunction and possibly shut down.

Bad Connection

When a servo drive generates an error message, the problem could be a bad connection between the encoder and the actual drive. Electromagnetic noise is another culprit, disrupting the encoder signal.

When this happens, you can take several preliminary steps to troubleshoot the problem. One option is to check the encoder cable connecting the servo drive and the servo motor. The cable could simply be disconnected, but in some cases it can be damaged, which in turn causes the motor to stop working. 

Faulty AC Drive

Your servo drive needs to operate in a controlled atmosphere, and a damaged or malfunctioning AC drive can cause the servo drive, and possibly the servo motor, to fail. AC drives are designed to work long hours without fail, but voltage spikes can damage the drive, along with electrical issues such as poor grounding. Dust particles and moisture can contribute to the failure of an AC drive.

ACS Knows Servo Drives

At ACS, we are familiar with servo drives and how they operate. We’re familiar with most brands on the market, and our experience enables us to quickly diagnose why your drive failed, and how to repair it quickly and correctly.

Using the latest diagnostic repair equipment and test standards for popular brands, our technicians can provide quick turnaround so your downtime is at a minimum. Whether you need routine maintenance performed, or your servo drive has completely failed, ACS can help. You’ll receive a free evaluation and an accurate repair quote.

  • Repair usually saves up to 80% the cost of buying a new drive
  • Most repairs are back in your hands in 7-15 days after approval.
  • Our Rush Repair Service ships in just 2-5 days after approval.
  • We Guarantee Our Repairs With A Full Two-Year Warranty .
  • How much will It cost to repair my drive? Our prices are very competitive. 
  • See our Servo-Drive Repair pricing structure.

For more information, visit our website and click on the “Contact Us” button on the upper right hand or call 800-605-6419 and speak to someone on our customer support team.