Got Parts? The ACS Parts Boneyard Needs Some New “Bones” Especially Siemens

Looking for old electronic components

Have you got shelves of unused electronic equipment?  Maybe some boxes of circuit boards or drives or random components no one’s looked at in months, maybe even years?    ACS might be able to take some of that “junk” off your hands.

We are building some additional Siemens test fixtures at our repair center.  And, at the risk of being completely bombarded with a whole lot of electronic crapola, we are putting out a call for Siemens parts especially those for Siemens Extreem NT/ST including these part numbers:

  • 3-424-2372a01 V161/O
  • 3-424-2339a P200 CPU
  • 1-422-0221  Vnet cable
  • 3-424-2297A01-NT
  • 3-424-2296A01-NT
  • 3-424-2324A01-NT
  • 3-424-2319A02-ST
  • 3-424-2319A03-S

Call us today at 800-605-6419 if you’ve got any of these Siemens parts or similar, or if you prefer, email us at

This is what we call a win-win.  You get rid of junk and make some money, and we get needed parts!

Isn’t it great when you go through old stuff?  Not only is everything tidier, you almost always find something that has been missing, or that you forgot you had.

Even if you don’t find any Siemens components to send us, you might uncover some potentially useful stuff.  Our tech team can evaluate these electronic items to make sure they are in good working order and provide industrial electronic repair services if they are not.  Our evaluations are free and there’s no obligation.