How To Get Your Industrial Electronics Repaired Without Working Too Hard

Be prepared

The trees are losing their leaves, the kids are back in school – autumn is right around the corner.  Which makes me think of the fable about The Ant and the Grasshopper.

In case you have forgotten here’s the quickie version:  the Ant was busy during the summer putting away supplies for winter while the Grasshopper was lazing about and enjoying all the good food summer had to offer.  Come winter the Ant was fat, warm and happy while the Grasshopper was starving and cold.  Lesson learned the hard way.

Will you be the ant or the grasshopper this fall?  Ants will be busy caring for and repairing their equipment.  The grasshoppers will be….well, NOT caring and repairing.

We can help you be more ant than grasshopper.  Send us your damaged or questionable electronic equipment and let us do the work.  Evaluations are free with no obligation.  Use this link for fast help .

While we are busy evaluating and repairing your circuit boards, power supplies, encoders, servo motors, drives, monitors, PLCs or CNC equipment, you can take a few more days for yourself to do Grasshopperish things.  Win win!