The Secret to Industrial Touch Screen Repair

Touch Screen Repair

Broken industrial touch screens such as the one in the picture are a common problem.  What might surprise you is that these units can be repaired and do NOT have to be sent back to the OEM as so many touch screen owners/operators seem to think.

These types of units often have custom or OEM branded touch screens in them.  But get this, 95% of the time these screens can be replaced with identical generic parts at a much lower cost than an OEM repair/replacement part.

Only on rare occasions does a touchscreen repair require an OEM part to get it back into running order.   A typical example of this would be that some touchscreens have proprietary connectors.

The Allen Bradley 2711P-T10C4A8 touch screen repair pictured here is the perfect case study for this situation.  Notice the screen is cracked near the bottom left side.

Our customer, a U.S.-based waste water management systems developer/integrator was worried that this touch screen unit might be unrepairable and, because it was out of warranty and not supported any longer by the OEM, they might have no option but to replace it.

Happily we could put them at ease.  As they do so often, our excellent repair team was able to locate the correct matching parts and get the touch screen repaired and back to the customer in perfect working order.   No time for resting on our laurels though, as it’s off to save the day for other customers!