Chicken Soup for Your Broken Electronic Equipment

Chicken Soup for Industrial Electronic Repairs

Chicken soup is delicious…steaming hot, homemade and swimming with noodles and chunks of tender chicken…you can almost taste it can’t you?

Well, I can whip up some mean chicken soup.  Just ask my three buffalo-sized sons! And, I’ve got some chicken soup for you too.  That is, chicken soup for your down or damaged industrial electronic equipment.

What I mean by “chicken soup” in this case is serious customer service.  We’ve got a team of customer service folks (live ones, not an “automated attendant”!) who are really listening to you and making sure our outstanding repair tech team gets all the details about your item you sent in for evaluation and repair.

And, they make sure our entire team, from receiving to evaluation, to repair, to shipping knows what’s required by YOU and actually communicates important information back to you through a dedicated customer service rep.  We follow a straight, simple line of service and your customer service rep can get you information you request at any stage:

  • Receiving – You will receive immediate acknowledgement the day we receive your item
  • Evaluation – Free!  ACS’ tech team physically reviews each item noting damage and faults
  • Pricing/Quoting – You will quickly (usually within 24-36 hours) receive a quote for repairs via email unless otherwise instructed by you.  No obligation required.
  • Repair – Expertly repaired and cleaned in 5-15 days after approval, or less if it is a RUSH order; a two-year warranty on both parts and labor is included.
  • Shipped  – Professionally packed and shipped per your instructions

Everyone knows the power of chicken soup for everything from curing the common cold to soothing the soul.  When you need industrial electronic repairs, remember chicken soup.  We’ll take care of you whether it’s a damaged encoder, a  power supply that won’t power up, a leaking servo motor or an entire crate of damaged circuit boards for repair!