Your Industrial Touch Screen Questions and Problems Solved

Get Fast & Accurate Quotes for Idustrial Touch Screen & Monitor Repair

Is your industrial touch screen monitor misbehaving?   Flickering? Not responding?  Most resistive touch screens are designed to last for more than 35 million touches in one spot before failing, as much as 4 times longer lasting than the display.  That sounds like a helluva lot of touches but that depends on the application.  For example, a touch screen used in a popular national-chain pizza delivery shop could get 35 million touches very quickly.

When problems do arise with industrial touch screens before it becomes aged, it is often due to misuse or an accident.  A good industrial touch screen should not require calibration for quite a long time, unless it is getting banged around in your shop, which, unfortunately, is not a rare occurrence.

If you find that you do need industrial touch screen repairs check your warranty date.  If it is still under warranty, your manufacturer should provide the needed repairs.

If it is out of warranty, or even obsolete, you can still usually get it repaired by choosing a third-party industrial electronic repair firm.  An excellent repair firm will, at a minimum, first evaluate the unit and prepare a quote for repairs at no cost; then replace all faulty or non-operational components, evaluate and replace all high-failure-rate components including electrolytic capacitors, ICs and integrated flyback transformer if necessary; thoroughly clean the entire monitor; complete a 24-hour test and provide a warranty on both parts and labor for the entire monitor.

Of course, choosing the best technology for your application in the first place will help assure that your touch screen performs as expected and does not fail.

Just some of the things to consider when choosing  an industrial touch screen include:  response time, sensitivity, immunity to unintentional touch, calibration stability, accuracy, input flexibility (finger/glove/stylus), resolution, light transmission, sunlight readable displays, antiglare, immunity to surrounding electric or magnetic fields, emissions, sealability, breakage resistance, environmental resistance (temperature & humidity), shock and vibration absorption.