How to Extend the Service Life of Industrial Touch Screens

How to Extend the Service Life of Industrial Touch Screens

Many industries are embracing touchscreen technology in the machinery used. Touchscreens make work more manageable as the interface becomes more user-friendly and easier to navigate. Generally, an industrial touchscreen makes work easier. For instance, you can evaluate the machinery performance, directly send commands, and track machine downtime. There are so […]

Capacitive vs Resistive Touchscreens

In recent years, touchscreen technology has been evolving rapidly, leading to new and improved technologies that provide consumers and businesses with a wide array of touchscreens to choose from. The capacitive and resistive touchscreens are the likeliest to come across since they dominate the market today. 

Your Industrial Touch Screen Questions and Problems Solved

Is your industrial touch screen monitor misbehaving?   Flickering? Not responding?  Most resistive touch screens are designed to last for more than 35 million touches in one spot before failing, as much as 4 times longer lasting than the display.  That sounds like a helluva lot of touches but that depends on the application.  […]