Considerations When Hiring an Industrial Electronic Repair Company

There are many considerations to keep in mind when hiring a company to repair your industrial electronic devices. After all, you’ve invested a great deal of money into your industrial electronic equipment, so you want to make sure that the repair company you’ve selected will protect your important investment.

man works on equipment repair to save money

How Industrial Equipment Repair Saves Your Business Money

Many business owners know that as soon as a needed piece of equipment goes down, it can affect the whole company. If a required tool is no longer working, the employee cannot do their job, which sets a project back, affecting profitability. 

How to Get Lambda V404P4K Power Supply Repairs

Won’t power up! Erratic vacuum readback! Load issue/no output under load. No output. Intermittently trips instrumentation. Power Supply DEAD! Bad news, right? “DEAD” in this case is not always dead, of course. As it turns out, all of these Lambda v404P4K power supply repairs HAD failed, but were not “dead” […]

Case Study: Allen Bradley VFD Blown! Can it be Repaired?

REPAIR SOLUTIONS FROM THE PLANT FLOOR – Allen Bradley VFD Blown! Can it be Repaired?  Should it be repaired? Unlike in a box of Cracker Jacks, there was an UGLY surprise waiting inside of this drive! When this Allen Bradley VFD failed, the screen gave only a wimpy “bad fuse” […]

Easy Tips to Decode Your Industrial Electronic Repair Report

Is your repair report baffling you? Wondering what in the heck those techs did?  Many purchasers of industrial electronic repairs are very knowledgeable about electronics, but more than a few are not.  And just for the record, we agree, repair reports can sometimes be mysterious and confusing. Fear not! Knowledge […]

The Secret to Industrial Touch Screen Repair

Broken industrial touch screens such as the one in the picture are a common problem.  What might surprise you is that these units can be repaired and do NOT have to be sent back to the OEM as so many touch screen owners/operators seem to think. These types of units […]