Repairing Industrial Electronics…Easy as Pi!

Easy as pie.  Pie in the sky.  4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie.  I just can’t help thinking of all kinds of pie today because yes, it is International Pi day!  As in the irrational and never ending Pi.   For four thousand years we humans have relied on Pi to solve all sorts of things from the simple calculation of the area inside a circle to architectural and engineering challenges.

Today is the day to look at everything around you through the math and science lens…from the wheels on the bus, to the iris in your eyes, to the waves at the beach, to the smart phone in your hand, Pi is all around you.  Just think – without the Pi-loving geeks in our world, where would we be today?

We appreciate our Pi-loving electronics technicians because they put their math and problem-solving skills to work here at ACS Industrial Services every day!