REAL LIFE REPAIR SOLUTIONS: Can a Water Damaged Sorenson Power Supply be Saved?

REAL LIFE ELECTRONIC REPAIR SOLUTIONS FROM THE PLANT FLOOR:  As a plant manager or owner, a number of situations come to mind as being “nightmarish”. One of them would probably include “flood” and “water damaged electronics”. In this case, rain poured into a roof vent accidentally left open in our […]

Repair or Replace Your Damaged Touchscreen Control?

REAL LIFE SITUATIONS FROM THE PLANT FLOOR:   Is your industrial touchscreen control not powering up? Display doesn’t work? Or both? This sounds like really bad news, with an even worse repair prognosis. Or does it? Did our customer need to replace their damaged touchscreen control? Let’s find out! Our Midwest […]

6 Signs Your Industrial Logic Circuit Board Has Gone Bad

Maybe your production came to an abrupt halt, or you are getting all kinds of beeping and error codes from your industrial electronics.  Could your industrial logic circuit board be the culprit? These are potentially expensive problems to have when it means production is affected. You want to get answers fast!