Why Are Printed Circuit Boards Green and Other Facts About the Manufacturing and Repair of PCBs

Get Yaskawa Circuit Board RepairsPrinted circuit boards have become ubiquitous.  They are literally just about everywhere from the cheapest little toys to the latest DOD weapon system.  Case in point:  tear open one of those cute but annoying musical greeting cards and what do you find at its heart?  A tiny electronic circuit.

We like to think of circuit boards as being a very modern invention, but in reality they are anything but.  He might have ridden a horse to the laboratory, but in 1903 German inventor Albert Hanson was already describing flat foil conductors laminated to an insulating board.  A year later in 1904 Thomas Edison was experimenting with chemical methods of plating conductors onto linen paper.  By 1927 Charles Durcase had patented a method of electroplating circuit patterns and we were well on our way to the modern printed circuit board.

Fast Facts About Printed Circuit Boards

  • PCBs became common in the mid-1950s after the Auto-Sembly process was developed by the United States Army
  • Most printed circuit boards are green primarily because many are made from a glass-epoxy which is naturally green.   Early boards made of Bakelite were brownish.  Ultimately, however, the finishing color of a board is usually a solder mask applied to the board and could be any color.
  • PWB – printed wiring board – the correct term for a board with only copper tracks and features and no circuit elements such as capacitors or resistors
  • Typical PCB materials include:  conductive ink; BT-epoxy; composite epoxy material CEM-1,5; cyanate ester; FR-2; FR-4 (the most common PCB material); polyimide; and PTFE (Teflon).
  • PCA – a PCB populated with electronic components is called a printed circuit assembly (PCA)
  • CT Scans – You aren’t the only one getting CT Scans; industrial CT scanning is used for board testing and can generate a 3D rendering of the board along with 2D image slices showing details such as soldered paths and connections.
  • PCBs intended for extreme environments have conformal coatings applied by dipping or spraying after the components have been soldered.  Although this protects the board from corrosion and leakage or shorting from condensation, it also makes circuit board repairs extremely difficult or impossible.
  • Static electricity can damage components on PCBs and today’s traces have become so fine that it is possible to blow an etch off the board with a static charge so remember to use antistatic bags during transport.
  • Before the advent of Integrated Circuits, “cordwood” construction was used in electronics where space was at a premium such as in missile guidance systems.
  • Surface mount technology emerged in the 1960s but didn’t become popular until the 1980s lending itself to automation resulting in reduced labor costs and increased production rates.
  • Today rigid PCBs are being replaced by flexible circuit boards or combinations of rigid and flexible pcbs.

We are surrounded by and dependent on a great number of these circuit boards whether in our homes, our cars, or our workplaces.  They are workhorses to be sure, but they are also fairly sensitive to age, abuse, and environmental conditions.  The more costly the board, the more sense it makes to repair rather than replace.

If your damaged circuit board is still under warranty, you should contact the OEM to get repair or replacement.  If it is no longer under warranty, look for an experienced third-party industrial electronic repair shop that offers no-cost evaluations, good customer service, and a good warranty.

Omron Repair Services

Manufacturing companies generally rely on various systems to perform automated functions. With the assistance of automated processes enabled by machines, these companies can increase productivity, decrease costs and meet production goals. However, in order to enjoy all of these benefits from their manufacturing equipment, it is necessary to invest in machines that are suitable for their needs and that are cost-effective to use. Ideally, the machines should be innovative and durable. Many manufacturing firms that have already compared all of the options available have made the decision to use Omron machines in their facilities. This is a leading supplier of automation systems and control components, and its various machines and equipment can be found in numerous manufacturing facilities around the globe. Its products include PLCs, proximity sensors, rotary encoders, code readers, vision sensors, power controllers, terminal relays and other related components.


Because of how durable and innovative these machines are, the need for Omron servo motor repair or repair on other types of manufacturing equipment is generally limited. However, when the need for repair service arises, it is important that services be provided by a highly reputable firm. While there are several companies that provide repairs on these machines, ACS Industrial Services is the leading option to consider.


ACS Industrial has been providing Omron servo motor repair services and other related services on brand name equipment for over a decade. Its highly trained techs boast the knowledge and experience necessary to provide precise yet efficient repair services. ACS Industrial understands that the decision to make a repair is often weighed against the option to replace the equipment. If repairs will cost too much or take too long to complete, it may be more cost effective to purchase a new product. However, because ACS Industrial offers fast service and competitive rates, many companies are able to avoid replacing their equipment prematurely.


Companies that need repair services on Omron equipment should contact ACS Industrial today to learn more about the repair process. With free estimates offered and fast repair service available, ACS Industrial provides companies with the best way to repair vital equipment and machines today.

Allen Bradley Repair Services

Many companies choose to use Allen Bradley equipment for their various needs throughout the manufacturing cycle. Allen Bradley has been a leading innovator in business technology for over a century, and it continues to pave the way for advancements in manufacturing equipment and machines today. Its extensive line of products are used in offices, plants, and commercial facilities around the globe today. Companies often choose this innovator’s products for their various professional or manufacturing needs because of the increased superior features and benefits offered. Its offerings include everything from circuit and load protection equipment, condition monitoring modules, Programmable logic controllers (PLC), and HIMs (Human Interface Modules), industrial computer terminals to motion control equipment for security, network cables and power supplies.

With so many options available through Allen Bradley, the company’s products are a clear choice to consider for most industrial and manufacturing needs. There are times, however, when businesses will require Allen Bradley repair for various devices. With Allen Bradley PLC repair or repair on other types of equipment, it is possible to extend the life of high-dollar quality equipment for cost savings.


While some companies will make the decision to retire equipment when it breaks, a more economical solution is to request Allen Bradley repair services from ACS Industrial. As a full-service technology and equipment repair company, ACS Industrial can provide Allen Bradley repair services as well as services on other types of equipment. Allen Bradley equipment and devices may be used extensively throughout your facility because they are designed for every stage of a typical manufacturing cycle. Finding a way to extend the life of this equipment can help companies to increase their return on their technological investment.


ACS Industrial provides an extensive range of services to meet most commercial needs. Equipment can be shipped directly to the company, and most repairs are able to be completed within about one to two weeks. Expedited services can be requested in many cases when repair needs are urgent. With over 13 years of experience providing repair services on Allen Bradley devices and a warranty available on each repair, ACS Industrial is the ideal company to use for all industrial and commercial equipment repair needs.

Cincinnati Milacron Repair Services

Most companies require machines to perform various tasks and processes that are critical to manufacturing or other functions. Often, these tasks and processes must be performed in highly demanding work environments, and the machines are required to perform precise work. Because of this, companies often spend ample time comparing manufacturers and product specs before making a decision about which company to use for their needs. Low-quality equipment can be burdensome and costly to use over time. Companies that demand the best results from the highest quality machines generally rely on equipment from Cincinnati Milacron. This is a highly reputable manufacturing company that is known for producing state-of-the-art machines suitable for performing highly specialized tasks in intensive work environments.


While these machines are superior in quality, it is important to note that they are also required to perform precision work. Even the smallest repair issues with these machines can result in considerable challenges for the company. Because of this, it is imperative that Cincinnati Milacron repair services be obtained in an expedited fashion as soon as the need arises. ACS Industrial Services can provide quality services with fast results on machines and equipment manufactured by this company.


Because Cincinnati Milacron equipment is used for precision machining functions, only the most trusted and experienced repair technicians should provide the needed services. The technicians at ACS Industrial have been thoroughly trained and boast considerable experience servicing these machines. These are technicians who can provide the desired results without concern. More than that ACS Industrial’s technicians provide fast results at affordable prices. Some managers may be wondering if it is more cost effective to simply replace the machines, but with the affordable rates offered by ACS Industrial, the better solution is often to make repairs.


Finding the right company to perform Cincinnati Milacron repair services is important. These machines serve vital functions in commercial or industrial work environments, and they are a costly investment that companies want to obtain a great return on for years to come. With repair services from ACS Industrial, smaller and larger repair issues alike can be addressed by experienced techs with affordable, quality results.

Siemens Repair Services

Siemens’ products are often selected for professional or commercial CNC and manufacturing needs. Each company has unique needs when it comes to mass production and job shop manufacturing, and Siemens offers a wide range of automation technology to almost all of a company’s CNC/manufacturing needs. CNC controller systems are major investments for any company. From the financial investment associated with the purchase and installation of the equipment to the time and resources spent training employees on the use and care of the equipment, it is clear that companies want to take every step possible to extend the life of their CNC and manufacturing equipment. With Siemens repair service from ACS Industrial Services, companies can easily overcome any challenges that they have with their equipment without delay.


When a company’s machine tool control systems or other manufacturing equipment require Siemens repair services, the first step should be to call ACS Industrial for assistance. ACS Industrial is a full service repair company that has the expertise, skills and experience necessary to repair all CNC control equipment. After a repair service, the equipment will function like new again.


Many companies are initially concerned about the cost of Siemens repair services. It is understandable and wise to compare the cost of repairs against the cost of replacement. However, ACS Industrial offers quality services at an affordable price, and many companies will determine that the cost of repairs is far more affordable than a replacement. ACS Industrial will provide a free quote for repair services upon evaluation of the equipment. With this fast and free evaluation, companies can make an informed decision about their equipment before committing financially to repairs.


Making the decision to use ACS Industrial for Siemens repair service is a wise move for a company to make. Each equipment repair situation is unique, but in most cases, equipment from Siemens can be repaired at a far more affordable price than replacement. Many repairs can be completed within one to two weeks, and this means that companies can easily overcome their unique equipment challenges in an affordable way when the services of ACS Industrial are used.

Okuma Repair Services

To run a successful business today, owners and facilities managers are required to make critical decisions to guide and steer the company. Careful analysis of the options available provides them with the ability to make an informed decision that is in the best interest of the company. Such analysis and care is often taken with the selection of tools and equipment used in a machining or manufacturing environment. When companies carefully review the options available, they often decide to invest in Okuma products equipment. Okuma is a full-service supplier of CNC machine tools, and its products include drives, motors, spindles, machines, encoders and other related equipment. These are highly innovative machines that have been designed with the latest technology to assist companies with enhanced productivity, decreased energy consumption and other benefits.


While these machines have been designed to provide companies with long-lasting use, the need for Okuma servo motor repair or other repair services may be required from time to time. When repair needs arise, companies want to find a trustworthy, reputable company to assist them with their needs. ACS Industrial Services has been making repairs to CNC machine tools and other manufacturing-related equipment from top brands for over thirteen years. The company offers excellent results, affordable prices and a quick turnaround.


Whether Okuma servo motor repair work is needed or repairs on other types of equipment are needed, it is imperative that only highly skilled professionals provide these repairs services. These products are innovative, advanced machines that require expert care for superior results. The technicians at ACS Industrial have been trained to provide this high level of service to this equipment. The company will provide a free quote for repair work needed, and this gives businesses the opportunity to determine how cost-effective a repair would be. If repairing equipment and machines is the desired route, the repairs can typically be completed in less than two weeks. Expedited service requests can typically be accommodated.


When machining tools and other related equipment are not functional or are malfunctioning in some way, the productivity of the business can be affected. This can easily be remedied when the company uses expert repair services from ACS Industrial.

Lambda Repair Services

It can take a lot of time and effort to find the right equipment to use for various business and manufacturing functions. One of the most important pieces of equipment in most facilities today is the power supply. After all, without the right power supply in place, access to other technical or manufacturing equipment may be limited. There are many manufacturers of power supplies, but it is important that companies thoroughly compare the options and make a decision that is best for their needs. Factors related to quality, durability and the power capabilities are of vital importance. Lambda is among the leading innovators of power supplies products. It offers one of the leading warranties in the industry, and it offers technical support that can assist businesses with the design of their power infrastructure. In addition, because it offers such a wide range of products, the company is a one-stop resource for most power supply needs.


Because of how important power supply equipment may be to a business, it is imperative that Lambda power supply repair services be obtained when necessary. This manufacturer’s products are considered to be cutting edge and of superior quality, but repair needs can arise with any product. When repair services are required, ACS Industrial Services is the company to rely on.


ACS Industrial has been providing repair services on Lambda products as well as other products and equipment from top manufacturers for over 13 years. It has established a reputation as being a leading provider of electronic equipment repairs because of its fast results, quality service and affordable rates. Its expert technicians are able to assist with most repair needs, and this means that there is no job that is too large or too small for its techs to handle.


ACS Industrial makes it easy for companies to explore their options. Upon reviewing the equipment and determining the Lambda power supply repair services needed, ACS Industrial will provide a written quote for services. Decision-makers can then decide whether to proceed with the repair or to replace the equipment. Most repairs can be completed in a cost-effective way so that repairing the equipment is the most desirable option.

Sorensen Repair Services

Facilities managers and business owners today understand how important it is to have the most innovative and advanced equipment available. Sorensen equipment is highly regarded for its quality and dependability, and many companies have made the decision to use its various products in their facilities. Some of the equipment manufactured by the company includes DC power supplies, AC power supplies, bench power supplies, AC/DC power devices, compliance testing devices and electronic loads equipment. In addition to these and other pre-engineered solutions, the company also provides customized solutions to most fully meet the unique needs of each of its customers.


Purchasing quality equipment will ensure that repair issues are minimal over the years, but when Sorensen power supply equipment or other related equipment develops issues, it is imperative to rely on the services of a trusted repair company. ACS Industrial Services is a premier leader in electronic equipment repairs, and this is the repair provider that many companies have relied on for their service and repair needs for the past 13 years. The company provides repair services on most brands, including Sorensen equipment.


When equipment is in need of service, companies typically need to know two things. They need to know how much the repair will cost and how long it will take to complete the work. If the repairs are too significant, the decision to replace the equipment rather than repair it should be made. However, with the low rates charged by ACS Industrial coupled with company’s expedited repair times, this is the repair service provider that can produce the desired results.


Whether a Sorensen power supply, or another related piece of equipment is malfunctioning or has stopped working, the best step to take is to ship it to ACS Industrial for a free evaluation. By taking this step, an accurate quote for the repair services needed can be provided, and this makes it easy to determine if a repair or a replacement is best. Using ACS Industrial for repair services is a great way for companies to enjoy the maximum life out of their power supplies and other equipment.

Fanuc Repair Services

The manufacturing equipment that a company uses is critical to its operations. Whether the company is large or small in size, a considerable amount of time and effort is often spent reviewing the equipment options and making highly informed decisions. Many companies make the decision to invest in high-quality Fanuc equipment. Fanuc offers manufacturing equipment such as the CNC controls, servo motors, lasers, and other related equipment. In addition to the financial investment a company may spend up-front, additional resources are used to train employees on the proper use of the equipment. This is equipment that a company wants to use for as long as possible so that its return on investment can be maximized.


However, as is the case with any type of mechanical equipment, even this high-end manufacturing equipment will require Fanuc repair services at some point. In most cases, it is far more cost effective to make a Fanuc repair than to replace the equipment altogether. Before a company makes this decision about repairing the equipment rather than replacing it, it is necessary to obtain a repair quote from a reputable company.


Whether a company is having an issue related to a Fanuc power supply or any other piece of Fanuc equipment, it is important to get a quote for repair services from ACS Industrial Services. ACS Industrial is the leading repair company for most brands of manufacturing equipment. Its employees are highly trained in repairing Fanuc equipment, and the company offers affordable repair prices. The best way to learn more about using these repair services is to send equipment into the company for a free repair quote.


Companies may have a variety of concerns about their Fanuc manufacturing equipment. It is imperative that manufacturing equipment function properly. Without this equipment, productivity and profitability alike can be affected. However, companies should not consider replacing equipment until they have learned more about the cost of repairs. ACS Industrial can provide a free estimate for repair services, and repairs often can be completed within one to two weeks.

Emerson Repair Services

It is imperative that companies use the right manufacturing equipment for their needs. Many manufacturing companies are choosing to use Emerson equipment for various functions at their facilities because of the manufacturer’s elite reputation for excellence and dependability. This equipment manufacturer offers such solutions as AC drives and motors, servo drives and motors, DC variable speed drives, power conversion equipment and other solutions that may be applicable for both industrial and commercial environments. These are innovative machines that are designed to provide solutions for demanding functions, and they are designed to promote energy efficiency and productivity in the workplace.


Emerson drives and other related devices are designed to provide a company with many years of high-capacity function. These are highly durable machines that will typically withstand the rigorous demands that a company places on it. However, no machine will function indefinitely. With wear and tear, repair issues can develop. These issues may decrease productivity in the facility, or they cause productivity to halt entirely in some cases. When such issues occur, there is often a question about whether the equipment should be repaired or replaced. Companies often want to find the most cost-effective solution, but timing may also be a concern. After all, if productivity in the facility is diminished until non-functional equipment is restored, making restoration a high priority.


For companies that need Emerson repair services, ACS Industrial Services is the company to call. This is a highly reputable repair firm that has been servicing manufacturing equipment from top brands for over a decade. After the company inspects the malfunctioning equipment, a repair quote will be generated. This makes it possible for companies to compare the cost of a repair against the cost of a replacement. While it may take one to two weeks for repairs to be completed, expedited repair services are available. Generally, this is still a more expedited time frame than purchasing new equipment and training employees on how to use it.


When all factors are considered for repairs on Emerson drives and other equipment, using the services of ACS Industrial is often the ideal solution.