Repair For Lightning Damaged Circuit Boards

Last evening as the sky grew dark and ominous, I was reminded that it is THAT time of year.  Only this year it seems like it is getting started ahead of schedule.  It is thunderstorm time of year bringing with it storm and lightning damaged electronics. In fact, we’ve already […]

Okuma Spindle Drive Mysteriously Stops Working

Did you ever think something as simple as a fan could hold up the completion of a huge order? No one at this major U.S. aviation manufacturer saw this coming as work on the order had been humming along smoothly. Until it wasn’t.

Don’t Be “Shocked” if You’re Not Well Grounded

“Shocking” Info Bites: Almost 500 people die each year from electrical accidents, mostly in the workplace, putting it among the top 10 causes of accidental death in the U.S. Approximately 80% of all injuries and fatalities caused by electrical accidents are not caused by the electric shock itself, but by […]

Water-Damaged Bosch Circuit Board Successfully Repaired

Yes, I shamefully admit it, I HAVE put at least two cell phones into a bag of dry white rice to save them from having taken a swim in a toilet bowl and a swimming pool respectively. While this may work for the occasional cell phone, it’s not the magic […]

How To Decide If Your Circuit Board is Repairable

Got a stack of damaged circuit boards gathering dust in your plant?  If so, you are in some good company. Instead of waiting for someone else to figure out what to do with these, go ahead and grab the bull by the proverbial horns…or rather the circuit board by its […]