Water-Damaged Bosch Circuit Board Successfully Repaired

Yes, I shamefully admit it, I HAVE put at least two cell phones into a bag of dry white rice to save them from having taken a swim in a toilet bowl and a swimming pool respectively.

While this may work for the occasional cell phone, it’s not the magic needed for water damaged industrial circuit boards.  Take a look at the photos of this water-damaged Bosch circuit board that arrived at our repair center recently.  Ugh!  Looked like a goner at first sight.

But after taking a closer look and evaluating the board, we determined that it was probably repairable.  We depopulated the affected area, cleaned, and reworked needed traces, replaced the damaged components, cleaned the contacts and plastic, reassembled and tested the board.  Yes!  It worked like a champ!

Bosch Circuit Board Repair
Top Before
Bosch Circuit Board Repairs
Top After
Circuit Board Repairs
Bottom Before
Bosch Circuit Board Repairs
Bottom After
The cautionary tale here is:  if you find yourself with water damaged electronics, don’t automatically assume they are toast and throw them away.  That’s too much money to just flush down the toilet (pun intended).  Yes, a lot of them will be unrepairable…after all, water is the enemy of electronics, but many can be saved.  Have your water damaged boards checked out by our expert tech team to see if they can be saved.