ACS Industrial Services’ Administrative Offices Moving

As of Monday, October 3, 2011, ACS will be ready to rock in their new digs.  That’s right, ACS is pulling up their tent stakes, hitchin’ up the mules and moving…all of a half mile northeast! The new offices will be more efficient and sunnier too.  More windows = even […]

Zirconium, Niobium, Hafnium, Tantalum!

Zirconium, niobium, hafnium, tantalum!  A magical spell?  No, just a list of exotic alloys used in the steel industry that are only a smidgen away from being “unobtainium”.  They are still fun to say even after having spent almost 20 years in the wonderful world of welding. Speaking of unobtainium, […]

Help For Your Water Damaged Industrial Electronics

Remember that blog I wrote just a short week ago following Hurricane Irene?  You know, the one where I said that our staff would be here come hell or high water to repair your damaged electronics?  Well, the high water has actually arrived and boy has it!  Tropical Storm Lee […]

Question: When is a Blush Not Red and Not on Your Face?

When is a blush not red and not the tell-tale sign of embarrassment?  When it’s a cosmetic blemish on a finished plastic part produced by injection mold equipment, that’s when.  You might recognize it as a whitish spot where the plastic is bent, deformed or stressed beyond the elasticity of […]