Zirconium, Niobium, Hafnium, Tantalum!

ACS Provides Repair Services for Industry

Zirconium, niobium, hafnium, tantalum!  A magical spell?  No, just a list of exotic alloys used in the steel industry that are only a smidgen away from being “unobtainium”.  They are still fun to say even after having spent almost 20 years in the wonderful world of welding.

Speaking of unobtainium, magic spells, and the steel industry, did you know that as of September 10, 2011 domestic raw steel production is actually up 6.4% from the same time last year?  Pretty significant considering the amount of steel produced in the U.S. and the role steel plays in almost every facet of our lives.

The lion’s share of the steel produced goes to construction at 38%, distantly followed by  the automotive industry at 21%, machinery & equipment at 13%, then energy, defense-related, containers, appliances and others, in that order.  It’s not out of line to say that steel has changed the world like few other substances and that the industry is alive and well today while it evolves to meet today’s needs.

Many of our customers are busy forming, joining, rolling, casting,hammering, extruding, stamping, machining, welding, or bending steel for thousands of different uses.  And if they aren’t making something out of steel, you can bet their production equipment is made from steel.

It’s all good when that equipment is in working order, but it’s not so magical when production is stopped by damaged or defective equipment.  Did your plc fail?  Servo motor go bad? Drive alarming?

We complete repairs for Allen Bradley equipment to Okuma, to Yaskawa equipment and everything in between.  Let us get our technicians right on your damaged equipment and get them back to you fully tested and in perfect working order.

No fooling around, no nonsense and no magic spells (although sometimes it might see like magic!).  Just fast, expert industrial repair services for the most important part of our company – our customers!  Call our helpful customer service team at 800-605-6410 or go directly to our website at www.acsindustrial.com where you can request a free evaluation for your damaged equipment.