How Lean Manufacturing Can Result In Happy Customers and Reduced Costs

Does it seem like your maintenance staff is constantly putting out “fires?” Or that your production equipment is always running to failure requiring industrial electronics repair and causing unplanned work stoppages? Lean manufacturing may be the answer.  Lean manufacturing concepts aren’t new but they are gaining momentum…and for good reason.

Install a Variable Speed Drive And Reap The Rewards

Looking to save energy?  Trying to gain speed and torque control?  Wishing you could control your starting current?  Variable speed drives can do just that and more which means you will reap the rewards quickly. Unless you run your motors at full speed all the time, variable speed drives (VSD) may […]

Love It or Hate It, Your Touch Screen Needs a Little Understanding

Touch screen monitors have virtually kicked their conventional CRT and LCD cousins to the curb.  You may love your touch screen, or you may hate it, but there it is…staring you in the face and begging for a little understanding.  Touch screen repair and maintenance are not as intimidating as […]

Are Wireless Control Applications In Your Future?

Considering wireless?   There are lots of reasons to consider wireless remote I/O systems and we’re hearing more about it every day – you probably are too.  You might be considering adding a remote I/O to an older PLC, PLC repair or upgrade, or installing an entirely new system.  Our customers say they want control solutions […]

Top Four Reasons For Circuit Board Failure – What’s Up With Yours?

Ah, our little green friends…the printed circuit board. Taken for granted until they fail, circuit boards are key to the operation of virtually everything these days. So if you are suspicious, or even absolutely certain, that your circuit board is the problem, you may need some advice as well as circuit board […]