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A CASE STUDY: MG Industries Plasma Table Control Fails


Is double-sided tape the only thing holding YOUR control together? Or maybe a bit of duct tape? If so, you are very much not alone.  We see this all the time!

Take this MG Industries Plasma Table Control DNC 2.8 for example. Our customer is a very busy Texas fabrication shop. So busy that they really didn’t want to take ANY down-time to get this guy repaired and had resorted to double-sided tape to hold the display together. This worked…for awhile. Controller repairs

Case Study: Allen Bradley VFD Blown! Can it be Repaired?

REPAIR SOLUTIONS FROM THE PLANT FLOOR – Allen Bradley VFD Blown! Can it be Repaired?  Should it be repaired?

Allen Bradley VFD repairsUnlike in a box of Cracker Jacks, there was an UGLY surprise waiting inside of this drive! When this Allen Bradley VFD failed, the screen gave only a wimpy “bad fuse” alarm. But it was much uglier than that for our Western U.S. power generation customer.

Case Study: Is it “Economically Feasible” to Repair Your Circuit Board?

Repair Solutions From the Plant Floor

What would YOU do if your OEM told you they wouldn’t repair your circuit board because it mitsubishi circuit board repairswasn’t “economically feasible to repair”? The OEM should know, right? Well, not always. And, there ARE often other factors that go into that business decision about whether to repair or replace.

Our golf club manufacturer customer was not willing to throw in the towel on their Mitsubishi MC116 control board from their Mazak CNC lathe. And, theydidn’t want to spend more than necessary.

Repair Solutions From the Plant Floor: A Cure for “MSKS” – Machine Shop Keyboard Syndrome

charmilles operator keyboard repairs Is your CNC operator keyboard having problems? Has your F2 key gone bad and refusing to do anything? If so, you could have a nasty case of “MSKS”! That’s short for Machine Shop Keyboard Syndrome! This is a common “infection” in machine shops everywhere.

The pictured dirty Charmilles keyboard p/n 200970625/ISS C is the perfect example of MSKS! These excellent but pricey keyboards are usually repairable and for FAR less than the cost of buying a new one – in this case THOUSANDS of dollars less.

Knowledge is Power: How to Identify Overheating Damage to Your Circuit Boards

printed circuit board repairsHeat, moisture and dirt are the mortal enemies of circuit boards! That means nearly ALL circuit boards eventually need repairs. Useful knowledge about preventive care and maintenance can extend the life of your circuit boards. It can also put off the need for repairs a little longer. This is especially important for those very expensive industrial circuit boards that can cost $30,0damaged circuit board00 each and sometimes more!

Signs of Overheating on Your Circuit Boards

  • Burnt, brown or blackened components
  • Burn marks on the board substrate
  • Delamination of the board
  • That well-known “burnt electrical smell”burned circuit board

Knowledge is Power: Cold Soldering Connections are a Hot Mess!

loose solder connectionWhat are cold soldering connections and why should you care? You should care because a cold solder connection is bad soldering! And bad soldering often results in a bad connection. Bad or loose connections will often cause your industrial electronic equipment to fail – a hot mess! Who needs that?!

So, what exactly is a cold solder joint? Just what you might think – making a soldered connection without adequate heat. This means that the solder will not flow to fill in all the spaces which may make a mechanical bond but does not make a proper connection to the necessary wire.

Repair Solutions From the Plant Floor: Allen Bradley Servo Drive Blows Up!

servo drive repairs





KABOOM! Rarely a good sound on the plant floor! What happened to this Allen Bradley Powerflex servo drive p/n 20AD065A0AYNANC0 to give our food industry plant customer a headache – literally!?

Excessive current is the typical cause for damage like this to fuses in a drive. In this particular case, the bridge rectifier module was shorted resulting in extreme current and damage to the fuses and capacitor.

Yow! Simultaneous violently exploding fuses and a capacitor! All kinds of bad news here at first glance – this drive needed replacement of the diode module, IGBT, capacitors and optocoupler.

PLC Repairs and Troubleshooting Tips

plc repairsIs your PLC behaving erratically? Suddenly just “lose” its program? Or maybe it faulted and now the red light is on and you can’t get your error codes to clear?  Does this mean you will be spending your maintenance budget on unplanned PLC repairs?

The short answer is:  maybe. These are actually common PLC problems.  We hear these frustrating stories nearly every day from our customers’ manufacturing plants and shops of all sizes.

In a perfect world you would perform monthly or bi-monthly maintenance checks on your PLCs.  But even if you manage to do this, many of the common PLC problems are not caused by lack of maintenance. Machine age and environmental conditions are often at the heart of the problem.

How to Prevent Electrostatic Discharge From Damaging Your Electronics

A direct lightning strike WILL damage your equipment, no doubt about it!  But what about those tiny, almost unnoticeable surges of static referred to as electrostatic discharge (ESD)?  Those little surges are trouble makers too! Here’s how to prevent electrostatic discharge from damaging your electronics

There are two types of damage that occur from ESD:  The first is Catastrophic Damage which happens immediately and makes your equipment inoperable.  If this happens the damage is typically at a semiconductor junction or solder joint.   The good news about catastrophic damage is at least you know right away you have a problem.

Protect Your Drive Repair Investment!

infranor repairsREAL LIFE SOLUTIONS IN THE PLANT: Practice safe drive repairs! If you spent part of your already tight budget on drive repairs, or even for an expensive NEW drive, protect your investment! You can do this by troubleshooting your equipment that the drive came out of.  When troubleshooting, look for problems that may have caused the damage in the first place.

This situation is not rare and is frequently the cause of repeat problems. And the cause of repeat repair expenses! The pictured Infranor drive repair p/n SMT-BD1/1A-220/12-W-T-BS has damage in the brake circuit including a blown FET and some damaged traces.