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REAL LIFE REPAIR SOLUTIONS: Can a Water Damaged Sorenson Power Supply be Saved?

sorenson power supply repairsREAL LIFE ELECTRONIC REPAIR SOLUTIONS FROM THE PLANT FLOOR:  As a plant manager or owner, a number of situations come to mind as being “nightmarish”. One of them would probably include “flood” and “water damaged electronics”. In this case, rain poured into a roof vent accidentally left open in our customer’s clean lab. The end result was a water-damaged Sorenson power supply, p/n SGI100/200E-1CAA/A that no longer worked and a very unhappy lab manager.

Repair or Replace Your Damaged Touchscreen Control?

touchscreen control repairsREAL LIFE SITUATIONS FROM THE PLANT FLOOR:   Is your industrial touchscreen control not powering up? Display doesn’t work? Or both? This sounds like really bad news, with an even worse repair prognosis. Or does it? Did our customer need to replace their damaged touchscreen control? Let’s find out!

Our Midwest cleaning chemical manufacturing customer sent their CTC Parker Touch Screen p/n P11-314DR in to us for evaluation with exactly those problems. What went wrong? Would they need to replace this unit? During evaluation, we found old and weak e-caps (electrolytic capacitors – always the first thing to check), a weak battery (2.8Vdc), and the CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) was dim/bad. All of these problems were and ARE repairable. With great results! We replaced all of the bad components, retested and cleaned the touchscreen. Now it works like a champ!

6 Signs Your Industrial Logic Circuit Board Has Gone Bad

logic board repairsMaybe your production came to an abrupt halt, or you are getting all kinds of beeping and error codes from your industrial electronics.  Could your industrial logic circuit board be the culprit? These are potentially expensive problems to have when it means production is affected. You want to get answers fast!

Here are just 6 signs that your logic circuit board has gone bad and repairs or replacement could be needed:
  1. Error codes on operator’s screen – pretty good indicator that complete failure is about to occur
  2. Warning beeps – this is a head’s up; go check your manual for more information before a catastrophic failure occurs

When is a Garage Door That Fails to Open a Big Crisis?

Ok, that’s sort of a trick question. Whenever a garage door won’t open, whoever is stuck inside considers it a crisis, right? But what if NASA can’t open a 200 foot bay door for a scheduled launch? Now that’s a crisis!

While NASA may be full of electronics technicians, engineers and scientists, their time is better spent planning and executing space missions. So ACS was delighted when we had the  opportunity to help out NASA! After all, we can’t let a stuck bay door hold up the future, can we?!

Damaged Controller Causes Machine Down Crisis at Beauty Manufacturer Plant!

Have you ever had a “Machine Down” crisis in your plant? Most likely you have, just like our customer, an East Coast U.S.-based beauty supplies manufacturer just did.   With the holiday season upon them, they needed to be able to fulfill orders ON TIME.

Here’s the short story:

A few days ago our customer sent a damaged controller in to us for RUSH repairs with a BIG note asking us to “please do NOT erase the SRAM or the BIOS”. The machine was down and time was critical. No problem!

Oil Refinery Downtime Crisis Averted Thanks to RUSH Circuit Board Repairs

“We are thisclose to a potential shutdown if we don’t get this mission-critical circuit board repaired immediately!” said the “Ginormous Oil” Company plant manager, in a panicy phone call to our customer service rep.

Their Gulf of Mexico oil refinery was in danger of experiencing a shutdown that could cost them close to $1 million – per DAY! The cause? Just a single, damaged legacy circuit board. And, there was only one backup board in existence… anywhere! Could ACS repair it, they asked? In 24 hours or less? While they waited? Yes indeed! We can, and did! That was a Yes to all three questions!

What Does a Failed Servo Amp Look Like and What to do About It

Copley control repairsWhat does a failed DC servo amp look like? Servo amplifiers can and DO go rogue and this can happen anywhere. For example, this damaged Copley Controls DC Servo Amplifier p/n 800-232 failed on the job at a large, East Coast U.S. university. The failure, as described by our customer: “Device does not output proper voltages to drive motor”.

Yes, we would call that a definite, and typical, failure! Are you getting improper voltage output from your servo amp? This kind of failure can happen whether your environment is a university or a heavy manufacturing facility. The most common cause of this type of failure is simply – aged components.

When is a Repair Not a Repair?

When is a repair not a repair – Sometimes we receive parts for evaluation that are not definitely faulty. They might be the prime suspect, but the case isn’t closed. We look carefully at ALL the information, and when a customer tells us that their control board might be causing problems, we like to offer other options to help clarify the situation.

Should I Send My Home Oven Circuit Board to ACS?

The short answer is no, probably not.

We get calls regularly from folks who are really frustrated with their oven circuit boards or other appliance boards.

Whether it’s damage from that time your aunt set the sweet potato casserole on fire, or maybe your very pricey oven clock finally decided it’s five o’clock ALL the time–we hear you. And we’re sorry you are in this frustrating predicament. Unfortunately, as an industrial electronic repair resource, we are not going to be your appliance board repair solution.

Tips on How To Prevent Rodent Damaged Electronic Equipment

rodent damaged electronicsUnder the weird but true category, we sometimes get rodent damaged electronic equipment in for repairs. And it’s not always just the gnawing that causes the damage, it’s also what happens AFTER they EAT your wiring (yes, that! Yuck!).

It’s autumn and it’s getting colder! If you think about that for a second, it’s not strange that these critters would seek out warmth and possible food sources that are found in most any manufacturing plant.

While we certainly are happy to repair your gnawed-on (or worse!) circuit boards, we thought some preventive measures might be appreciated. Having looked into this problem, here’s some interesting (disturbing?) facts along with some good advice we collected: