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Tips on How To Prevent Rodent Damaged Electronic Equipment

rodent damaged electronicsUnder the weird but true category, we sometimes get rodent damaged electronic equipment in for repairs. And it’s not always just the gnawing that causes the damage, it’s also what happens AFTER they EAT your wiring (yes, that! Yuck!).

It’s autumn and it’s getting colder! If you think about that for a second, it’s not strange that these critters would seek out warmth and possible food sources that are found in most any manufacturing plant.

While we certainly are happy to repair your gnawed-on (or worse!) circuit boards, we thought some preventive measures might be appreciated. Having looked into this problem, here’s some interesting (disturbing?) facts along with some good advice we collected:

How to Get Good Test Equipment Repairs: Analyzers, Meters, Signal Generators and More

Analyzer repairs

Agilent Network Analyzer: repaired!

You know it might be a bad day when even the test equipment can’t test and you realize you might need repairs…or when you are getting distressing messages like these from your malfunctioning test equipment:

  • Data acquisition failure
  • Unit failed signal path
  • Power supply does not turn on
  • Unlevel error when rf is turned on
  • And last, but certainly not least, the always fun – “Resets itself to default settings every five minutes!”

These are all intolerable situations. And you don’t have to put up with any of them. These real life, case-study examples are almost always repairable conditions for good quality equipment.

Case Study Repair Solutions: Was This Operator Control Panel Really Unrepairable?

Ever been told that your operator control panel is unrepairable?  Or that you would need to upgrade to continue production? Yep, I thought so.

I know, we’ve mentioned this situation before but it happens to our customers so often it’s worth repeating. Please don’t throw in the towel on your dependable legacy equipment too fast.  legacy Siemens operator control repairsHere’s a perfect example of  a piece of  out-of-warranty, legacy equipment that our customer desperately did not want to have to replace.

This Cincinnati Milacron (Siemens) controller 3-424-2319A02/J did have some serious problems. It booted up but the screen didn’t work making it useless in production. Our customer was told by the OEM that it was unrepairable “due to the power supply”. 

REAL LIFE REPAIR SOLUTIONS: Komori Touchscreen Went Blank

touch screen repairs for KomoriREAL LIFE REPAIR SOLUTIONS : Komori Touchscreen went blank…and also, your question answered.

Here’s one question we get asked a lot… “To send in an item for repair, do we need to know what the problem is with the unit?”

The short answer? No! Relax, this is ok. We’ve got this! Figuring out the problems with your electronics is OUR job. While it is always helpful to have a description of what is happening with your unit you sent in for repairs, it is not usually necessary. Sometimes items arrive on our dock saying simply “doesn’t work” or “stopped working”, or even “been sitting on the shelf, not sure if it works”.



Gettys drive controlThe SAD part of the story: “the axis was real jerky and continued to get worse until it QUIT”. Ouch! Quitting on the job is never good, human or machine. So, what’s up with this nice looking Gettys DC Drive controller?

It quit on the job! This happened in a mid-west U.S. custom fabrication shop after our customer replaced a drive motor. Suddenly there were problems. DC drives like this are awesome for providing variable speed controls for DC motors. This is especially true with applications that require low speed control, torque, and power. They are relatively simple machines so what could go wrong?

Real Life Repair Solutions from the Plant Floor – PLC Needs Repairs NOW

Real Life Repair Solutions from the Plant Floor – Festo PLC Needs Repairs NOW!

festo plc In real life things break, especially when you are in a hurry, right? For our U.S.-based supplement manufacturer customer having a PLC go down was not good for filling orders on time.

In their words, “This (Festo PLC P/N FEC-FC34-FST) isn’t getting the signal properly to the vertical dies and telling them to move up or down; PLC will cycle one or two times, then the run light changes from green to red and the machine stops. Also, when this happens the dies will close and not reopen.” Bummer!

Repair Solutions: Heidelberg Repairs Restart the Presses

Heidelberg repairs“Stop the Presses!” is only a GOOD thing when there is exciting breaking news. It’s all bad news when the press comes to a stop because it is BROKEN. This Heidelberg Press Electronic Drive went bad leaving our East Coast fine printing press customer in the lurch and needing Heidelberg repairs

“Voltage going in but nothing coming out” was the problem description. Yes, that WOULD happen when 14 bus capacitors were blown, the IGBT was bad and the gate board needed repairs.

Following a regular preventive maintenance program can help minimize dreaded downtime. A printing press preventive maintenance program would include, at a minimum:


burned ISO circuit board repairCASE STUDY – REPAIR SOLUTIONS FROM THE PLANT:  TINY parts can cause BIG problems. Perfect example – this 6 inch square ISO board was blowing a 1 amp fuse bringing the Charmilles Form 20 to a stop in our customer’s Mid-Atlantic tooling shop

The results of this “mini-explosion” are a burned ribbon cable and connector and a burned pcb. Not to mention the dreaded down-time. This sounds ominous and it did look pretty bad. But yes! This ISO board WAS repairable! The capacitor was bad and five transistors shorted, all of which were replaced. Damaged traces were also repaired.

Dirty Repair Jobs – Relax, It's Part of the Repair Service

dynamag repairsIt’s a good thing we have always liked playing in the dirt! Because this guy (and a few more just like it) were so dirty when they arrived on our dock we had to degrease and clean them just to identify the components.

But we get it. We know our customers work in some pretty grimy situations. Degreasing and cleaning each repair is part ocontroller repairsf our standard service. Every. Single. Day. Every. Repair. As simple as that.

A CASE STUDY: MG Industries Plasma Table Control Fails


Is double-sided tape the only thing holding YOUR control together? Or maybe a bit of duct tape? If so, you are very much not alone.  We see this all the time!

Take this MG Industries Plasma Table Control DNC 2.8 for example. Our customer is a very busy Texas fabrication shop. So busy that they really didn’t want to take ANY down-time to get this guy repaired and had resorted to double-sided tape to hold the display together. This worked…for awhile. Controller repairs