How to Avoid Voice Mail Jail and Automated Attendant Hell

Tired of getting voice mail? Try ACS

Tired of getting stuck in voice mail jail?  Frustrated that the automated attendant does not offer menu options that meet your specific situation?   Heck yes!  Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Read on to find out how.

A Very Short Story:  This morning after a severe thunderstorm I was forced to call our local utility company about a large limb hanging on the electrical wires serving my home.  I wasn’t looking forward to this call.  This company has in recent years taken a helluva lashing from customers for having terrible customer service.  The good news?  Yes, they still had the awful automated attendant BUT, this time it was so easy to get a live person who could address my particular situation.  This experience left me smiling and relieved and it only took about two minutes.

That’s how we want you to feel when you call ACS about your industrial electronic repairs.  Smiling and relieved that we have listened, we know the important details of your repair, that it will be taken care of and that you now have the name of a real person to contact if you have questions.

Call ACS Industrial Services and you will get a live person and every one of them, no matter what their job title, can either answer your questions or get you to the right person who can and will answer your questions.

One of the interesting things about industrial electronic repairs is that no two jobs or customers are exactly the same…which is why we believe in live customer service reps that will make sure your situation is handled just the way you need it.

No “one size fits all” mentality here and no endless loop of dead-end automated attendant options.

If you need power supply repairs, circuit board repairs, drive repairs, touch screen repairs or any other type of industrial electronic repairs call our toll free number 800-605-6419.

Call ACS customer service even if you only think you might need repairs – we are here to help you resolve your industrial electronic repair crises.  Rush repairs are available upon request.  And, what’s new about our customer service?  An expanded two-year parts & labor warranty on almost every repair!  Good stuff!