A Great Story About Yaskawa Repairs and How to Get Your Electronic Repairs for Less Money

Yaskawa Servo Pack Repairs

We love all of our international customers!  And we’ve got a special spot in our hearts for our Aussie friends.  We can help get your equipment back up and running, even if you are on the other side of world.  Here’s a note from the ACS Smile File AND (shhhhh!) a cost-saving magic code at the end of this story.

Our Aussie friends who design and manufacture trailer and truck spare parts were having some seriously frustrating problems with their Yaskawa Servo Packs.  The ACS tech team got right on the repairs and shipped them back to Australia in perfect working order.  This is what our customer Steve had to say after they reinstalled their repaired drives:

“Many thanks for the expert repairs on our drive units for the Seiki 25S.  Both drives worked first time without a hitch.”

Well, we’re  happy too Steve!  Many thanks to you too for letting ACS provide your Yaskawa CACR-SR 20SB1AF repair services.

New equipment is expensive!  Repairs are often the best way to go.  Did you know that industrial electronic repairs are considered “repair cost” for customs, which are taxed significantly lower than if you were  purchasing these items new from overseas?  For your convenience here is the “magic” customs  harmonized code our international customers can use for sending repairs into the U.S. that clarify that the unit is being shipped for repair, and is not a new purchase:  #9801.00.1012. Good news for our many world-wide customers!