31 Ways to Not Kill Your Industrial Electronics

Hypertherm repairs

There are many ways to annihilate your industrial electronics.  Likewise, there are equally as many to protect them.  If you have ever fried your servo drive or your power supply for example, you might think the unit was defective to start with.  Well, maybe.  More likely it was caused by something ultimately preventable.

Here’s the by-no-means-complete list of common possibilities that may bring your servo motors, drives, circuit boards, CNC equipment, controls, and power supplies to their little electronic knees.  The resulting damage may require industrial electronic repair services or, if catastrophic, the recycling bin.

Forewarned is forearmed:  allow these troubles to exist in your plant and costly damage may occur:

  1. Poor, intermittent,  or non-existent grounding
  2. Excessive RF noise
  3. Poor power factor
  4. Over/Under voltage conditions – Surges/Sags
  5. Water/Excessive moisture or humidity
  6. Extreme temperature exposure
  7. Energy spikes
  8. Magnets
  9. Loose connectors
  10. Incoming voltage problems
  11. Poor/damaged soldering
  12. Dirt/Grease/Grime accumulation
  13. Dust particle accumulation
  14. Electro Static Discharge (many causes for this, for more info see previous article: https://blog.acsindustrial.com/industrial-electronic-repair-services/tips-prevent-electrostatic-discharge-damage-electronics/ )
  15. Reverse polarity
  16. Defective/outdated battery cell(s)
  17. Weak/demagnetized motors
  18. Shorted motor coil
  19. Exceeding input voltage
  20. Corrosion
  21. Damaged – aged capacitors/discrete components
  22. Excessive vibration
  23. Over gearing
  24. DIY Repairs using inappropriate materials like scotch tape (not joking, this happens)
  25. Wiring insulation breakdown – short
  26. Physical damage/abuse/sabotage
  27. High voltage transients
  28. Improper powering up or down
  29. Improper connections such as between a motor, brake and encoder
  30. DIY testing with the wrong test equipment
  31. Handling drive equipment by its wire harness or shaft

If you find yourself on the wrong end of one of these situations and your equipment is behaving erratically or the “smoke genie” escaped, shut down properly and replace the

Drive Repairs
“Smoke Genie” was here and this Hypertherm drive needed repairs

failing unit with a backup.  The longer you run damaged/erratically performing equipment the worse the damage and the less repairable it becomes.

If your industrial electronics are having problems and are still under warranty, contact your OEM.  If they are out of warranty, don’t despair.   They are likely still repairable by an experienced industrial electronics repair house.  They should offer free evaluations, accurate quotes and a warranty on both their parts and labor.  They should also offer rush service for when you are really under the gun on time.

ACS Industrial Services is an independent expert industrial electronics repair service with facilities in Maryland and North Carolina. In addition to servicing all drives,  ACS Industrial also provides PLC repairs, power supply repairs, circuit board repairs, servo motor and encoder repairs, touch screen and CRT monitor repairs, test equipment repairs, and much more.