Zippo Making Lemonade out of Lemons

Wouldn’t it be sad if the iconic Zippo lighter disappeared?  It could happen.  Even as a never-smoked non-smoker (ok, except for that one pack I tried back in 1977 in 10th grade (sorry Mom)) I would miss this American –made symbol of ruggedness and durability with its recognizable click.

Zippo celebrates its 80th anniversary this year and the making of its 500 millionth lighter in 2012. This icon has played an important symbolic role in many classic American films such as “The Green Berets”, “Apocalypse Now”, “From Here to Eternity”,  “Pork Chop Hill”, both “Die Hard” and “Die Harder”, and “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusader.”

But with increasing pressure on people not to smoke, the Zippo Manufacturing Company knew even 10 years ago that it was time to find a way to keep the Zippo brand alive that didn’t rely on smoking. Yes…making lemonade out of lemons.

Think Victorinox Swiss Army brands that now sells watches, luggage, clothing and fragrances all consistent with their image of the ruggedness of their multi-purpose knives or of the Eddie Bauer-branded sport utility vehicles.

In that vein, Zippo hired David Warfel as its director of global marketing taking advantage of his considerable branding experience with Xerox, Kodak, and Ray-Ban.

You might soon see Zippo “kiosks” inside of larger department stores and prototype Zippo specialty stores selling a wider variety of products possibly including watches, clothing, and of course, lighters.  Although most of the test locations will be overseas, the first U.S. Zippo kiosk will open at Kennedy International Airport in New York City this April.

So, good for you Zippo.   The Duke would probably be pleased that you didn’t give up.

My motto is “There’s always a way” and we are all about making lemonade out of lemons.  Three bad servo motors can sometimes equal one good, repaired servo motor with a talented repair technician at the helm.  Whether it’s servo motor repairs, drive repairs, power supply repairs or any other industrial electronic repair, we look for the most sensible, cost-sensitive approach to solving your repair problems.