Tomorrow’s a New Day!

2010 Flashback:  Remember the massive Toyota recall that kept getting shockingly worse, the inspiring Chilean miner rescue, BP’s devastating Gulf Oil Spill, the Tea Party, Mark Zuckerberg (who knew the name Mark Zuckerberg (besides his mom) before 2010?  Now it’s everywhere! ), Facebook, Wikileaks, Twitter, Android phones, the Apple iPad, oh, and remember the ash cloud from the Iceland volcano and all the trouble that caused?  That seems like forever ago but it really was 2010.

News and new things came at us faster than ever in 2010.  We hardly had time to appreciate the new marvel before the next one was in our face.   Maybe a fast-paced, electronic, information-based world energizes and amazes you, or maybe it makes you just want to check out.  Me?  Some days it’s all cool, some days I just turn off all the gadgets and go for a hike in the woods and watch the blue jays take on the red tailed hawks.

Either way, it seems like a few minutes of calm reflection at the end of each day helps keep things in perspective.  2011 is a new year and tomorrow will be a new day with new solutions for each new challenge.  The ACS Industrial team is ready to take on your electronic repair challenges in 2011!