Spring Surprises and Buffalo Experiments

Excitement is in the air! Spring is almost here and  it’s time for…wait for it, wait for it….no, not spring flowers, no, not baseball… it’s time for the Annual Science Fair!

This weekend I will be spending quality time with the youngest and smallest of my three buffalo, oops, I mean sons measuring and graphing the heat dissipation of various types of metal.  This will require a great deal of focus, patience, frequent snacks for the buffalo as all the brain-work will surely make him more hungry than usual, and some electronic  test equipment (not that I would ever borrow tools from work).

Much to the delight of the rest of the family, we will commandeer the kitchen, the oven (to heat the dang things), the dining room table, the computer, the printer and whatever else I haven’t thought of yet.

It’s sounding a little complainy here, but in reality, this will be time well spent and I might learn a thing or two myself.  He’ll learn a good bit too including how to use electronic test equipment, how to persevere even when things don’t go quite as planned, how to track information accurately, how to present his findings in a clear and straight forward report…heck, sounds like he might make a good ACS electronic repair technician!