Oh, The Pain..The Misery…Your Drive Just Alarmed Out! Can It Be Saved?

Oh, the pain..the misery…the teeth gnashing and, oh yeah, the cursing!  Your drive just alarmed out, your equipment has stopped, production has ceased, and you are wasting time and money.  Can the drive be saved?  The good news is…probably

Before it comes to that scenario, consider this:  We all know HEAT is the root of all evil when it comes to electronic equipment.   Add some MOISTURE and DIRT and you have the electronic axis of evil and disaster!

So, practice prevention first by:

–  keeping your electrical cabinets CLOSED

–  keeping your FANS  in good REPAIR

–  making sure those cabinent FILTERS are always CLEAN

Eventually, most drives will experience overcurrent alarms or deviation/function alarms.  Avoid swapping top boards to troubleshoot – yes, we know, many of you do this and it usually works out ok.  However, it’s a risky move.  Bad boards can blow the power modules which then blow the top boards and you end up with more than one machine down!  And you thought you were frustrated BEFORE! 

If you want, you can check for the correct base drive voltages on the top board without DC bus voltage.  This can help identify the location of the problem.  Call your OEM and find out how to check the power modules with an ohmmeter. 

If you are past the warranty date (you kept that information handy, right?) and need third-party service on your drive, send us your drive for fast and reliable drive repair.  We offer free evaluations, a warranty on both parts AND labor, rush services for emergencies, and excellent customer service.