Find Out if LED Lighting is for You

Have you seen the new LED lighting tubes that can simply replace your conventional T8 fluorescent tubes?

LEDtronics has just unveiled their line of energy-efficient T8/bi-pin LED lighting tubes.

What’s so great about that you might ask and what can they do for you?  Quite a number of things, actually, that can affect your work space, your bottom line, and your energy consumption requirements:

  • The LED48T8-288-001 W bi-pin LED will fit right into your standard G13 bases and are made to be direct replacements for your T8’s; no having to buy new fixtures
  • LED48T8 lamps have an operating life of 50,000 hours (that’s about 5.7 years of continuous light) compared to conventional fluorescents range of 8,000-24,000 hours
  • They run on a voltage range of only 100-290 volts AC allowing them to operate easily on solar power
  • The LED’s provide the equivalent light output of 24-32 watt fluorescent lamps but consume less than 19 watts
  • The LED48T8 tubes comply with RoHS (the lead-free and mercury-free directive) as well as the CE safety assurance
  • They emit NO infrared or ultraviolet radiation and reduce light pollution
  • LED tube lamps require no ballast, turn on instantly with no flickering or humming, and over their lifespan the light degrades only 10%, typically near the end of its life
  • The lamps produce minimal heat (running at about 95 degrees F) so the temperature inside your fixtures will not build up as it does with conventional fluorescent tubes (which run up to 180 degrees F)
  • LEDtronics’ LED tubes have UV-resistance polycarbonate housings  that allow these lamps to be used in places exposed to the elements
  • For those of you in industries that have light-specific requirements check this out:  LEDtronics’s LED tubes deliver 1,342 lumens at a color temperature of 5000K (pure daylight white) and 1,072 lumens at a color temperature of 3000K (warm white) and provide a brightness of up to 429 maximum foot candela across a 114 degree beam pattern with a CRI of 80

These lights do cost a bit more than traditional fluorescents but the return on investment is obvious.  Although we have mentioned LEDtronics here in this article, there are a number of LED tube manufacturers who can provide information and prices.

Plant efficiency is achieved in multiple ways including reducing your energy costs.  Don’t forget about getting your industrial electronics repaired which can also be a big money-saver.  From servo motor repairs to circuit board repairs, to plc repairs and much more, ACS Industrial has your back.  Call our helpful and always-friendly customer service team for assistance at 800-605-6419.