Baldor’s BE$T Program Now Comes In Cool iTunes App

There are a million and one iPhone apps out there but this one by Baldor Electric Company,  is way cool.  Those smart cookies at Baldor have converted their BE$T desktop program for calculating and comparing motor efficiencies to an Apple iphone app. 

By calculating a motor’s annual electricity usage based on its nominal efficiency and comparing it to the annual electricity usage of Baldor’s Standard-E and Super-E premium efficiency motors, it can then recommend, by catalog number, the appropriate Baldor motor for the application as well as information on the payback period for replacing the existing motor. 

Even better, it will also calculate useful information such as  the yearly electrical savings when a variable speed drive is used vs. a constant speed motor. 

But now you can have that service anywhere by downloading the Baldor BE$T app from itunes.  This version is also a smaller and easier to use package.  Sounds pretty cool to me.   And no, I do not work for itunes OR Baldor … just thought I’d bring this cool app to your attention.

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