Solve Your PLC Problems Without Losing the Program

Is your Allen Bradley SLC-500 finally kaput now that you’ve reprogrammed channels on the I/O cards about 10 times? (Did you think we didn’t know you did this? Everyone does this.)  Did your GE Fanuc PLC processor suddenly just “lose” its program?  Has your ABB PLC faulted, the little red […]

2010 Automation Salary Survey Results are Finally In!

At last, has released the results of its annual salary survey and this year they collaborated with InTech.  I anxiously await the results of this survey each year because it paints a unique picture of what’s going on in the engineering and manufacturing world. In a nutshell, job satisfaction […]

Question: When is a Blush Not Red and Not on Your Face?

When is a blush not red and not the tell-tale sign of embarrassment?  When it’s a cosmetic blemish on a finished plastic part produced by injection mold equipment, that’s when.  You might recognize it as a whitish spot where the plastic is bent, deformed or stressed beyond the elasticity of […]