Death of a Circuit Board

As it is Friday afternoon and you are probably about to bail out of the office a little early to get a head start on your weekend, I thought I’d ask you to spare a moment of silence for the deceased circuit board pictured.  Mr. DJ, play us some  taps will you? (Can you all hear the bugle now?)
Alas, this poor melted pcb met its demise in an untimely fashion.  We performed all sorts of electronic resuscitation techniques but it was not to be.  The damage was too extensive to be cost effectively repaired
While I don’t know exactly what piece of equipment this toasty little circuit board came out of, I can tell you it was medical equipment.  We do hope the human patient fared better than the electronic equipment.
Worried that your electronic equipment might suffer a similar  fate?  As always, we first recommend regular preventive maintenance.
If that fails, remember that industrial circuit board repair is usually an achievable option (pictured pcb not withstanding).  Sometimes, as with obsolete or out-of-warranty equipment, it is the ONLY option.
Our ACS tech team repairs literally hundreds of different pcb manufacturers from ABB circuit boards to Zytec repairs and everything in between.
If you are not sure if your circuit board can be repaired, give our very helpful customer service team a call for assistance at 800-605-6419.