Help for a Successful Plant Maintenance Shutdown

Plant Maintenance Shutdown ButtonGetting ready for your annual or semi-annual plant maintenance shutdown?

To keep your budget and schedule on target, make your to-do list as short as possible and focus only on things that can realistically be accomplished during a major shutdown.

Everything else can be scheduled during normal minor shutdowns for preventive maintenance.  This may seem obvious but it can be tough to avoid getting sidetracked by legitimate repair needs and the “squeaky wheels” in your plant.

On the other hand, you can’t schedule emergencies and by now you have learned to expect the unexpected, and usually not in a good way.  ACS Industrial Services won’t be shutting down our repair center, and your ACS repair team will be here to help you with your industrial electronic equipment repairs, even the unexpected rush electronic repairs.

Since we never know exactly what will be on the loading dock in the morning, every day is the “unexpected” for us and we are ready for almost any repair and in any quantity!

Send us your damaged power supplies, broken drives, burned circuit boards, creaking servo motors, you name it.   Let our team help YOUR team with fast turnaround times, excellent service, two year warranties, and free evaluations.

Got questions?  Call our super customer service team at 800-605-64d19.


Case Study: Machine Down Crisis Solution

Controller repairs

Controller not working! Machine down!

Have you ever had a “Machine Down” crisis in your plant?  Most likely you have, just like our customer, an East Coast U.S.-based beauty product manufacturer just did.   With the holiday season upon them, they needed to be able to fulfill orders on time.

Here’s the short story:

A few days ago our customer sent a damaged controller in to us for RUSH repairs with a BIG note asking us to please NOT erase the SRAM or the BIOS.  The machine was down and time was critical.  No problem!

The ACS tech team replaced and repaired burned and damaged components, protected the program/parameters and got this controller back on duty in just a couple of days including shipping.  We know every minute of lost production hurts so we don’t waste any time!

Here’s what our customer Brian had to say:

“Just wanted to let you know that I received the IPC I sent for repair and it is working fine.  Great Job !!! Quick turnaround time and a nice job on the repair. I have another unit with the same problem and will be contacting you in the near future to send that one in also……. I have some other items that I would like you to evaluate for repair. I will be in touch.”

Well Brian, we would be very happy to help you keep your equipment in good repair! 

When you need rush repairs our tech team will do everything possible to get your repairs completed fast.   Circuit board repairs, controller repairs, servo drive repairs, you name it….almost all industrial electronic items can be repaired as a rush and usually for less than half the cost of a new purchase.

Why Your Electronics Blew Up Plus Tips for Prevention


Repairs for Blown ElectronicsHave you ever blown up components in your electronics? Pow! After the smoke clears, it’s charred, it’s black, it has holes in it and worst of all, it doesn’t work.  Creative cursing may result from this frustrating situation!

Why did this happen?  Is there anything you could have done to prevent this always untimely disaster?

There is more than one answer to both of these questions.  Here’s a quick hit list of potential IGBT-busting causes, some preventive measures and a great case-study story:

• Conductive dirt causing stray current paths – keep your equipment clean

• Overheating  – usually from a failed cooling fan or excessive buildup of contaminants so keep your equipment clean and practice regular maintenance

• Gating circuit problem (the gating circuit turns IGBTs on and off) – this is most likely caused by age but could be made worse by dirt , moisture, or excessive vibration

• Bad voltage spike or surge – this could mean there are primary power supply problems, ground faults, or a dropped phase

• Wiring short – most likely caused by aging equipment

• Overcurrent draw – can be caused by a physical problem with the machine.  Anything that would impede the motion of the machine could cause excessive current because the slower a motor runs, the higher the current.  This could include bad bearings on a shaft, something binding the machine, or a sudden stoppage where excess current is diverted through a separate transistor and resistor combination designed to eliminate the current and protect the IGBT.  If this transistor or resistor fails, the current feeds back into the IGBT and damages it.

• Shorted motor –- this could mean the windings have shorted, there was a power conductor/wire insulation failure or seized brake causing overload.blown IGBT

As promised, here’s a perfect case-study example sent in by one of our customers, a major U.S. – based global exporter.  See the photos of the damaged Mitsubishi servo amplifier and the IGBT that took the hit and literally blew apart.   The customer was unhappy and anxious to get their equipment running again.

As it tuRepair Mitsubishi MDSASPH110rns out, this particular Mitsubishi servo amp is no longer manufactured and the OEM no longer provides repairs.  Not surprisingly, they would be only too pleased to provide a replacement…for almost $3,000!    Our electronic repair team quickly identified the damaged parts, made the repairs, and got it back up and running for less than half the cost of replacement.  Now that’s a win!

The bad news is that your servo amp may not be working, but hopefully you have a working backup.  The good news is that most damaged servo amplifiers are repairable, and just as important, servo amplifiers are usually worth repairing.  Let us help you with your industrial electronic repairs!