Remember Those Who Paid For Our Freedom

ACS Industrial Remembers thos who paid for our freedomMemorial Day has come to mean picnics and barbecues, the beginning of summer or, if you live near a coastline, the official start of beach season.  All good things to be sure.

In fact, these good things can be enjoyed with freedom made possible by the sacrifices of the men and women of our Armed Forces who may have died protecting that freedom.

Remember to take a few minutes this Memorial Day, or every day, and remember this occasion was created to honor those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom.

ACS Industrial Services, a veteran owned business, would like to thank all the men and women of our Armed Forces and their families for their service and sacrifice.

Save Big by Getting Electronic Repairs On Lucky Penny Day

“See a penny pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck.”  No doubt you’ve heard that childhood chant, or something like it.  Thursday, May 23rd is officially Lucky Penny Day so ACS is declaring that Lucky Penny Day is Your Lucky Day.

Save lots of pennies by taking advantage of our 20% discount on all power supply repairs if you order your repair by Friday, May 24, 2013.   And, that’s on top of our current free shipping promotion that runs until May 31.

Now it really is your lucky day!  Visit our website or call and talk to our awesome customer service reps to take advantage of Lucky Penny Day.

ACS Industrial Now Offering Free Shipping

Get Free Shipping for a Limited TimeFree evaluations at ACS have ALWAYS been free, and now, for a limited time so is the shipping – both ways.

And that’s free shipping for Allen Bradley, ABB, Cincinnati Milacron, Fanuc, Okuma, Yaskawa and thousands of other manufacturers serviced by ACS Industrial.

As you may have discovered by now, there are only a limited number of qualified and reliable electronic repair centers for industrial electronics.

And those few centers are probably NOT located in your town which means you may have to ship your item to get it repaired.   Free shipping can sure take some of the sting out that.  Ready right now?  Click this link:  Get Free Shipping For My Electronic Repairs or keep reading for more info.

If it’s 25 lbs. or less and shipping inside the continental United States we’ll pay the shipping costs both ways so you don’t have to.  Call us crazy, but we really want to make your life a little easier.  If you’ve been hesitating to get your electronics repaired, now is the time to get it done.

Just fill out the easy online RMA form using this link

Got questions?  Call our customer service team at 800-606-6419 today.

Malfunctioning or down equipment not only cuts into your production it is big pain in the…well, it’s just irritating.  Use our free shipping and free evaluation offer to take out some of the irritation.

ACS Industrial provides free evaluations and repair quotes for circuit board repairs, power supply repairs, servo motor repairs, touch screen and monitor repairs, drive repairs, plc repairs, encoder repairs, cnc equipment, test equipment and more.

Each item is not only repaired, but fully cleaned and tested before being carefully shipped back to you.  And, each repair is covered by a two year warranty covering not only the parts and labor but the entire unit, unless otherwise noted.

Even if you don’t see the name of your particular manufacturer listed on our website, don’t worry.  We can still probably repair your damaged items.  Many industrial electronic items can be repaired at ACS for a fraction of replacement cost.

Take advantage of our limited time free shipping offer to save the most on your repairs.

How to Protect Your Industrial Electronic Equipment From Lightning

lighning damageUnless you are living in a cave, you’ve probably noticed more than a few damaging storms this summer.  Lightning and electronics do not mix well together.

Here are the heart-stopping facts that put your electronic gear in danger:

  • 100 lightning flashes strike earth every second
  • At any given time, approximately 2000 thunderstorms are in progress around the world
  • Lighting can produce currents as high as 500 kA and voltage up to 30,000 kV

This kind of power can easily damage or destroy any industrial or commercial electronic equipment.

Your outside equipment such as your HVAC, fire alarms, perimeter security, remote pumps and controls, even your parking lot lights may already be cowering in fear from the coming electrical storms.

Lightning strikes can even cause damage through power surges called “transients” which happen when lightning strikes nearby hitting transmitting devices such as metallic plant equipment, pipes, or wiring.  Even the magnetic field associated with lighting can cause damage to computers nearby that might not show up until days or weeks later.

Damage to electrical and electronic equipment can include flashover of insulation inside motors or transformers, vaporized traces on printed circuit boards, vaporized transistors and integrated circuits, blown fuses, and more.  None of it good.

The cost of lightning damage is downtime, reduced production, and electronic equipment repair costs.  There are some things you can do to help minimize lightning damage:

  • Diversion:  ground metallic structures
  • Attenuation:  careful wiring such as metallic raceways, cable shields, twisted pairs, extensive grounding and earthing
  • Suppression:  up-to-date suppression devices installed at each point closes to the equipment to be protected or where the conductor enters and leaves a structure

Your power distribution systems must be capable of withstanding repeat lightning-induced peak surge currents.   This is not a DIY project.  Make sure you get a qualified electrician for this job.

Know this too:  when you install surge protection devices around your plant, realize that damage has already occurred to circuit boards, processors, wiring, and connections prior to the installation so some losses may continue for a time.

Even after all that, sometimes, your electronic equipment will still suffer damage.  If that’s the case, get a qualified, experienced industrial electronic repair company to evaluate your item to see if it is repairable or “smoked”.

The best repair companies will provide this evaluation at no cost and give you an accurate quote for repairs.  They should also be able to provide rush repair services and offer a minimum of a one year warranty on most repairs.  Some repair companies are even offering two year warranties on their parts and labor.  If your item is “smoked” the company should be able to dispose of the electronics properly.

Keep you equipment safe this summer and most importantly, keep yourself safe.  There are no surge protection devices for humans!

Expert Siemens Servo Motor Repair

When some machines and equipment in your facility break, you can often have your in-house support team or service complete the work in your own facility. With other machines, like a servo motor from Siemens, you generally must seek out lternative repair options. The Siemens servo motor is highly important in many business and manufacturing operations. When your servo motor requires repair service, one call to ACS Industrial can begin the repair process.

At ACS Industrial, we can repair most Siemens products in our Mid-Atlantic repair center and we have been providing expert service on this these and other types of industrial equipment products for many years. You can call us our customer service team to learn more about the repair process. When your damaged or malfunctioning item arrives at our repair center, we will get right to work to diagnose the problem and to provide you with an affordable quote. Our repair fees are usually significantly more affordable than the cost of a replacement, and this means that our repair services are often the better solution available to you. If you have been using a Siemens servo motor in your facility, you may be concerned about how long the repair process will take. However, most repair services at ACS are completed within one or two weeks, and we also offer expedited service for  even faster turnaround.

ACS Industrial has been helping companies like yours with all of their industrial equipment repair services for many years. The Siemens servo motor repair service is just one of many types of equipment we can repair, and this means that we are your go-to source for all Siemens equipment repair needs and for repairs of other brands of equipment. You can spend some time browsing through our website today to learn more about the services we offer. Then, you can call us directly to begin the repair process. Our phones are always answered by live customer service reps during regular business hours. This easy step is the first step to take when you need to have your equipment repaired quickly by a team of expert repair technicians.