PMA Makes Predictions for Manufacturing Business Conditions

Back in June the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) were predicting a significant decline in business conditions during the 2012 summer months.  This report samples 114 metal forming companies in the U.S. and Canada and is an economic indicator for manufacturing.  However, by July PMA had modified their predictions considerably and are now expecting a slight uptick in business conditions over the next three months.

July’s report shows that 19% of participants anticipate economic activity will improve (up from 11% in June), 45% say it will remain unchanged (57% said unchanged in June), and 36% say activity will decline (32% said so in June).

Since many of our customers are precision metal formers we certainly hope you do experience an uptick in business!  What are your manufacturing predictions for the next three months?

One way to save money and protect your investments is to repair your existing manufacturing equipment.
Damaged circuit boards, broken encoders, alarming CNC equipment, “dead” power supplies – none of these are necessarily the end of the line for that piece of equipment.  Most likely it can be repaired, and for substantially less than the cost of replacement.

Need industrial electronic repairs?  We can help. Want more information about ACS and our services?  Click this link: ACS Industrial Services.

Dropped Power Supply Gets Amazing Repair

Repairs for Kikusui Power SuppliesHave you ever dropped a power supply?  The results can be pretty disastrous no matter the size or complexity of the unit.  But how about this…one of our customers dropped a 25 lb Kikusui power supply and all that extra weight resulted in a lot of extra damage.

The Kikusui power supply arrived on our loading dock broken in at least eight different places, dented, dirty and in nearly hopeless condition.  Needless to say, it didn’t power up at all.

As always, our customer received a free evaluation and quote for power supply repairs.  The repair process required many parts to be replaced or repaired in the hands of our most experienced techs.

Team ACS Industrial Services was not daunted by the grim evaluation and successfully put “Humpty Dumpty” back together again!  The unit was shipped back to the customer in perfect working order.  Excellent teamwork guys!

Simplified On-line Repair Form Makes Getting Electronic Repairs Easy

Have you tried our new, simplified on-line repair form yet?  It’s been live for a few weeks and WOW is all we can say!  Wish we’d done it sooner.

The process is working great and our customer surveys are producing comments like this:

  • “Easy as pie. Nothing more needed.”
  • “I really do not see how you could have made it any more easier.”
  • “This form was super-easy to understand and complete. My suggestion is “Don’t do anything to improve; it works perfectly as is.””

We boiled everything down to the basics to make it a whole lot faster and easier on you.  We’ve all gotten stuck in annoying on-line forms and it’s just really irritating.

If your equipment is down and needs repair we know you are ALREADY irritated. We wanted to reduce the irritation factor and keep the process simple and straightforward– that is, getting your electronics repaired and back to you as fast as possible for the best price possible.

Need repairs?  Give our new on-line repair form a try by clicking here.  Need more information about our industrial electronic repair services?  Click this link:  ACS Industrial Services.

What To Do If the OEM Says Your Electronics Are Too Old to Repair

ACS Industrial Services For Expert Industrial Electronic RepairsDid  your OEM tell you your damaged electronics were “too old to repair”?Or that the newer replacement is not direct and would require additional parts and programming (costing a LOT more money)?This happens often as it did recently to a world-reknowned New York hospital that sent us a touchscreen panel for repair.

Don’t despair!  Hearing this distressing news does not necessarily mean the end of the road for your older damaged electronics.  There’s a good chance your older maple touch screen repairselectronics can still be repaired by a third-party industrial electronics repair house.

The best repair houses will keep a “boneyard” of older parts for just these types of repairs.   We know many of you really aren’t ready to buy new yet and would like to keep your existing equipment up and running for as long as possible.

The OEM might be a great company with great people, but their business is to sell new equipment.  Our business is to repair YOUR industrial electronic equipment.

And, as you might have guessed by now, our ACS tech team successfully repaired that old touch screen for the New York hospital.  And we did it quickly and for considerably less money than the suggested replacement!