The Secret to Success is Not Keeping Success a Secret

Get Great Customer Service With Your Industrial Electronic Repairs at ACSJust yesterday I was listening to a sports interviewer (who shall go unnamed) baiting Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens by suggesting the team was great but  “stuck” with QB Joe Flacco.  It made me think for a few minutes about why Joe Flacco does not seem to get the media respect that he statistically deserves.  As  I explained to two of my three sons (while waiting for the school bus at 6:20 a.m.!), maybe it’s because he is a pretty low key guy and does not spend much time, for better or worse, tooting his own horn.

After the big yellow school bus pulled away, I thought about this some more and applied it to our business.  An “Aha!” moment.  The secret to success is NOT keeping success a secret – but with at least some degree of dignity.  That same day I received a note from one of our customers that went like this:

“I think everyone at ACS is so prompt and professional and it’s actually a pleasure doing business with ACS. I recommend ACS to everyone I do business with.”

Now, we get quite a few comments like this which reassures me our customer service team members are absolutely the best.  Great repairs are important, but the process shouldn’t be painful.  Superior customer service is the sweet spot…the great differentiator.

If you’ve been getting the runaround from your industrial electronic repair house, give our team a call at 800-605-6419.  We promise we will do everything possible to
get your industrial electronics repaired and returned to you quickly and in good working order … with a pleasant and helpful attitude.

Visit our ACS Industrial Services website too where you can find info on all types of industrial electronic repair services from circuit board repairs to servo drive repairs to monitor & touch screen repairs.  And if you have comments, praise, or yes, even complaints, please let us know.  We do want to hear from you.

And as a final thought, what was that guy thinking baiting Terrell Suggs?!  Hasn’t he seen what this guy does to opposing quarterbacks?  I suspect even Pittsburgh’s Big Ben Roethlisberger dreads facing Mr. Suggs on game day because he knows the next day he is going to be hurting!  Go Ravens!!

2010 Automation Salary Survey Results are Finally In!

2010 Salary SurveyAt last, has released the results of its annual salary survey and this year they collaborated with InTech.  I anxiously await the results of this survey each year because it paints a unique picture of what’s going on in the engineering and manufacturing world.

In a nutshell, job satisfaction has increased among automation professionals with more than 80% indicating they are satisfied with their job – although these days some level of satisfaction can come from just having a job at all.

Participants of this survey work in 40 different industry segments with the majority being in the Engineering Services segment.  Job functions of respondents ran the gamut from Application Engineering, to Consulting Engineering, to Facilities Management, to Plant Engineering to Sales to Training & Education, as well as many others in between.  More than 69% of respondents had a college degree or higher.

For you news bite junkies here are the highlights:

  • Average Salary for respondents in the U.S. for 2010 was $99,540; in Canada, $101,646.
  • The Top Five highest paid job functions were:  Consulting Engineering,
    Engineering Management, Safety Systems Engineering, General or Operations
    Management; Project Management
  • Salary for those who completed a graduate degree was the highest; those who had started but not completed a graduate program commanded only a marginal salary increase so clearly it pays to finish what you start here.
  • By industry segment, the highest average salaries were in Utilities – Pipelines except Natural Gas; in descending order the next highest were Oil & Gas Extraction, Petroleum Refining & Related Industries, Engineering Services, Utilities Combo (Nuclear/Fossil Fuel, etc.),Valves, Fittings, Fabricated Metal Products
  • By U.S. Region, the top salaried region is the Pacific West at an average of $101,877 and the lowest the West North Central Midwest at $93,240
  • By Degree, Electrical Engineering degrees were the highest earners at $109,492 and Liberal Arts the lowest at $91,000 just below IT at $100,000
  • The average salary for males was $100,422; for females $87,351
  • Professionals who were members of industry organizations pulled in higher salaries than those who were not
  • In a change from previous years, the average salary of independent contractors was almost identical to that of direct employees – previously independents received a few thousand dollars more per year
  • More than 30% of respondents say they will retire in the next 10 years and almost 14% in the next five years
  • Unsurprisingly, many respondents feel much greater pressure to increase productivity and reduce costs
  • The top four most important benefits cited by respondents were:  health insurance,pension plans/401K, flexible working hours, and paid time off
  • Average vacation time:  3 weeks per year
  • Most respondents clocked between 41-45 hours perweek work time

There’s more detailed information in this survey so for those of you who are either highly analytical or visual, here’s the link for a ton of nifty charts and graphs on the website:   For the full article on the InTech website:

ACS Industrial Services supports automation, engineering, and manufacturing by providing fast and accurate repairs for a wide range of industrial electronics from plc repairs, to servo motor repairs, to power supplies, monitors & touch screens, test equipment, circuit boards, cnc equipment, drives, encoders, and much more.  If you have questions or need assistance call our customer service team at 800-605-6419.  We’ve got your back!