More Power To Ya…Find Out How to Choose The Right Power Supply

Do subjects like high peak load capability and high voltage safety testing keep you awake at night? Worried about the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) requirements for efficiency and no-load power consumption? Confounded about why two seemingly-same power supplies can possibly perform differently?

ABB Is Now Promoting More Fun At Work

Attention all Manufacturers:   ABB is now promoting FUN!  Fun? At work you say?  Under the interesting news category we hear that ABB has teamed with tracermedia interactive to create an electronic game that entertains AND educates manufacturing plant professionals.  Players have fun while experiencing how their reliability decisions will impact performance […]

Smudge Marks Touchscreen Security Risk?

Could smudge marks on your touch screen monitors leave you vulnerable to a security breach?  According to a University of Pennsylvania study it’s true!  Researchers took photos of the smudge trails left on various touchscreens, digitally increased the contrast and found they could unlock secure touchscreens 92% of the time!