How to Get Lambda V404P4K Power Supply Repairs

lambda power supply repairsWon’t power up! Erratic vacuum readback! Load issue/no output under load. No output. Intermittently trips instrumentation. Power Supply DEAD! Bad news, right? “DEAD” in this case is not always dead, of course. As it turns out, all of these Lambda v404P4K power supply repairs HAD failed, but were not “dead” forever. In fact, these Lambda power supply examples were all successfully repaired!

Here’s a quick summary of typical problems that cause these types of bad capacitors in lambda power supplyfailures in Lambda V404P4K 450 watt power supplies:
  • Cracked solder joints
  • Bad capacitors
  • Bad power section
  • Bad power board
  • Overheating damage
  • All of the above simultaneously

These Lambda 450 watt V404P4K power supplies are long lasting workhorses. There are a lot of them out there working hard. Eventually they will break down, mostly from aging components.

If your business relies on these Lambda power supplies you are in good company. If your power supply fails, relax. The good news is that most of these power supplies are repairable!

Did you know that you can often extend the life of your power supply? Preventing your power supply from getting fried in the first place is pretty useful information! If you’d like some tips on that from a previous post click this link!

Are you experiencing a power supply failure right now? Think you might need industrial power supply repairs? Check first to see if your equipment is still under warranty. If so, contact the OEM about repairs. If it is out of warranty, hopefully you have a go-to repair center.

If you need a repair center, contact an independent industrial electronic repair center to find out if they are a good fit for your company and your particular repair needs. They should offer free evaluations for your damaged power supplies and a free quote for repairs (no bench fees!). They should also provide repair reports if requested and a good warranty of at least one year that covers both parts and labor.

About the Author:

ACS Industrial Services is an independent industrial electronic repair center providing power supply repairs for all types and manufacturers, circuit board repairs, repairs for drives, servo motors, CNC equipment, encoders, monitors and touchscreens, PLCs, HMIs, test equipment, and much more. RUSH SERVICE is available on request and Two Year Warranties cover most repairs. The very helpful customer service team is available live to answer your questions and help you solve your toughest industrial electronic repair problems. You can reach them by calling 800-605-6419 or going to

6 Top Tips to Extend the Life of Your Power Supply

ACS Repairs Lambda Power Supplies

Power supplies – they are ever present for most of us, both at work and at home.  They come in all sizes and levels of quality and for myriad purposes.   Even so, they have some things in common – their universal dislike of moisture, heat, and dirt – which I like to refer to as the electronic axis of evil.

Here are 6 top tips to extend the life of your power supply and avoid having to replace or repair your power supply:

1.  Number one tip, by far, is to buy the best power supply you can afford that is adequate for the load.  A power supply is absolutely one of those things where you get what you pay for.  If you opt for a cheap unit, it may not supply adequate current even when used within nominal power ratings.  Power supplies don’t like to die alone either – they usually take down other components with them when they go.  Buying a cheapie power supply will cost you in the end!

2.  Know the MTBF…that is your “Mean Time Between Failures” rating of your power supply.  To do this you can check the electrolytic capacitors used in your PSU.  Capacitors have a limited life that affects the life span of the power supply.  Either ask your sales rep for this data or check on these:

  • Size of Capacitor – bigger is usually better
  • Operating Temperature – the hotter your work environment, the shorter the power supply’s life
  • Component Rating – how much voltage the unit can safely handle

3.  Make sure the area around the power supply is well ventilated.  (Remember…power supplies hate excess heat.)

4.  Keep the vent and fan clean and free of lint, grease, dust or whatever it is that accumulates in your plant or office.  This may mean cleaning it often, at least once a week.

5.  Minimize vibrations.

6.  Don’t get your power supply wet – ever.  Unless it is made to operate in a wet environment.

If your power supply does quit on you, know that most power supplies are repairable.  Even those that are choked in grease and dirt (as they often are) can usually be revived.  If your unit is still under warranty call the power supply manufacturers to get assistance. If your power supply is out of warranty, you can still get power supply repairs from a reputable industrial electronic repairs shop.  However, none of this applies if you bought one of those no-name, super-cheap power supplies from some mystery website.  If this is the case, your best and cheapest (really!) course of action is probably to replace it with a better quality power supply.

About the Author: ACS Industrial Services is an independent industrial electronic repair center providing repairs for all types of industrial electronic equipment and most all manufacturers including circuit board repairs, logic board repairs, repairs for industrial power supplies, drives, servo motors, CNC equipment, encoders, monitors and touchscreens, test equipment, and much more.  Rush Service is available and a comprehensive 2-Year Warranty covers most repairs.  The customer service team is available to answer your questions and help solve your industrial electronic repair problems. You can reach them by calling 800-605-6419 or going to

Save Big by Getting Electronic Repairs On Lucky Penny Day

“See a penny pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck.”  No doubt you’ve heard that childhood chant, or something like it.  Thursday, May 23rd is officially Lucky Penny Day so ACS is declaring that Lucky Penny Day is Your Lucky Day.

Save lots of pennies by taking advantage of our 20% discount on all power supply repairs if you order your repair by Friday, May 24, 2013.   And, that’s on top of our current free shipping promotion that runs until May 31.

Now it really is your lucky day!  Visit our website or call and talk to our awesome customer service reps to take advantage of Lucky Penny Day.

Power Supply Repairs for TV Stations

Get Expert Power Supply RepairsHey, so what’s going on in all those television stations around the country?  For some reason we have been seeing a huge increase in damaged power supplies sent in for repairs from television stations.  Maybe things are getting a little rough out there in TV land?

As it turns out, these power supplies are pretty repairable and we’re pretty darn good at repairing them.  So never fear, you will be watching your favorite TV shows and sports games this weekend (The real NFL refs are back!! Yes!!) without interruption.

Need to get power supply repairs fast?  Click here or short cut to these popular TV station power supplies below:

Sony Power Supply Repairs

Cherokee Power Supply Repairs

Pioneer Magnetics Power Supply Repairs

ACS Industrial Services has got your back!  Let us get you back up and running!

Dropped Power Supply Gets Amazing Repair

Repairs for Kikusui Power SuppliesHave you ever dropped a power supply?  The results can be pretty disastrous no matter the size or complexity of the unit.  But how about this…one of our customers dropped a 25 lb Kikusui power supply and all that extra weight resulted in a lot of extra damage.

The Kikusui power supply arrived on our loading dock broken in at least eight different places, dented, dirty and in nearly hopeless condition.  Needless to say, it didn’t power up at all.

As always, our customer received a free evaluation and quote for power supply repairs.  The repair process required many parts to be replaced or repaired in the hands of our most experienced techs.

Team ACS Industrial Services was not daunted by the grim evaluation and successfully put “Humpty Dumpty” back together again!  The unit was shipped back to the customer in perfect working order.  Excellent teamwork guys!

Can Today’s M9 Solar Flare Damage Your Industrial Electronics?

solar flareSolar flares can cause damage to electronics as they did in 1989 but be reassured that both you and your electronic equipment are in no danger from this large and spectacular solar flare.  It is big, but not that big.

Those of you that live in higher latitudes may be lucky enough to see an extraordinary display of aurorae (aka Northern Lights).  Those of us in lower latitudes will just have to make do with photos of this beautiful phenomenon.

The potential for damage could change over the next few years, however, as our sun is entering into a more active phase.  Larger solar storms induce huge currents in power lines overloading the grid which is precisely what happened in Quebec back in 1989.

That said, your electronic equipment is far more likely to be damaged from many other mundane causes here on earth.  The electronic axis of evil – heat, moisture, and dirt are always busy causing mayhem and literally gunking up the works.

If that evil trio have damaged your industrial electronic equipment check out our website at for help or call our resourceful customer service team at 800-605-6419 where you can get assistance with circuit board repairs, power supply repairs, encoder repairs, servo motor repairs and much more.

Thanks go to Phil Plait, Ph.D. of for explaining this flare phenomenon and where you can learn tons of cool stuff about our universe.

Are Voltage Regulators Really Necessary?

Get Fast & Accurate Quotes for Expert Industrial Electronic RepairsThe answer to this question could be “it depends”, but I’m going to go right out to end of the tree limb and say the answer is “yes”, voltage regulators are necessary, even here in the United States where the delivery of power is pretty consistent.

Consistent to the extent that it is better than in developing nations, but perfectly consistent? No.  In the U.S. there is a voltage drop of about 3-15% from the point where the electrical service delivers the power to where the power is actually consumed within any given industrial facility, mainly due to wire impedance.

3-15% may sound inconsequential, but multiply this repeatedly and you start to get the picture.  This is especially true for critical or highly sensitive machinery such as MRI and oncology equipment in medical facilities, and recording equipment.

Over time, voltage sags, surges, and variations cause equipment damage, diminish equipment life span, cause digital errors and memory reboots, and production delays which cost you more money by way of:

Ask yourself two questions: What does it cost per hour when your system is down?  How much will it cost to restart the system?  That should tell you whether automatic voltage regulation is important to your operation.

Automatic voltage regulators (AVRs) come in too many sizes, types and applications to list them all.  They can be as tiny as a component on a circuit board and as large as a tractor trailer. Voltage regulation is also the ultimate purpose of units referred to as power conditioners and usually combine that function with voltage drop compensation, surge suppression, short circuit protection, phase to phase voltage balancing, line noise reduction, harmonic  filtering, and more.

To know which of the following sample of AVR’s you will need, you will definitely want to do your homework with your engineer, electrician, and sales reps:

  • Ferroresonant transformer
  • Forroresonant voltage regulator
  • Tap changer
  • Tap-switching voltage regulator
  • Servo voltage regulator
  • Servo voltage stabilizer
  • Motorized variac
  • Variable autotransformer
  • Line drop compensator
  • Step voltage regulator
  • Electronic voltage regulator
  • Constant voltage transformer
  • Magnetic induction voltage regulator
  • On-load tap changer

And that’s just some of the options.

By the way, we do not sell voltage regulator equipment.  We do however repair industrial electronic
equipment and we see the results of this damage every day.  We can repair your damaged equipment and are happy to do so, but we know you would much rather avoid preventable repairs.

If you find yourself in the aggravating situation of needing industrial electronic repair services such as power supply repairs, servo motor repairs, plc repairs, drive repairs, encoder repairs, circuit board repairs, cnc equipment repairs you can click on any of these links or call our helpful customer service reps at 800-605-6419.  ACS Industrial Services is here to get you back up and running full speed ahead!

Electronic Repairs Faster and Better

Get Top Industrial Electronic Repair Services in 2012Personally, I have never made a New Year’s resolution, at least not in January.   Business-wise, however, that is another story.

The turn of the New Year is a very good time to take stock of your business from all angles, not just from the IRS angle.

It’s a good time to measure your success and to identify what you can do better in the coming year and to make specific plans to achieve those goals.

Customer service has always been ACS Industrial’s number one priority.  Whatever we can do to repair it faster, better, and for less money is where we shine our laser focus.  To that end, in 2012 ACS will be:


  • Moving our entire electronics repair shop and staff to a superior facility with more space, better layout, better lighting, better everything so that we can better service your equipment!
  • Adding new, dedicated test stations and cleaning stations to streamline the repair process and provide better testing capabilities
  • Making additional investments in the latest test and repair tools for all of our technicians
  • Completing our ISO 9002 Certification Plan

We wish all of you and yours a healthy and prosperous 2012!

As a reminder, ACS Industrial Services remains open for repairs during the week between Christmas and New Years.  We know many of you may be implementing plant shutdowns for maintenance and our technicians are here to help with your industrial electronic repairs.  If you need assistance, click on the following links to go directly to our website:  Power Supply Repairs, Servo Motor Repairs, Servo Drive Repairs, Monitor Repairs, CNC Equipment Repairs, and Encoder Repairs.

Just got a question? Talk to our always-helpful customer service team at 800-605-6419.

Help For Your Water Damaged Industrial Electronics

ACS Industrial Services For Expert Industrial Electronic RepairsRemember that blog I wrote just a short week ago following Hurricane Irene?  You know, the one where I said that our staff would be here come hell or high water to repair your damaged electronics?  Well, the high water has actually arrived and boy has it!  Tropical Storm Lee continues to dump away here on the East Coast and refuses to get the heck out of town.

While some of our staff lost power at home, and some of us were late getting to work this morning thanks to flooded roads, washed out bridges, and gridlocked traffic, we are in fact ALL here and servicing your repairs.

Water and electronics are not friends and are about as likely as Steelers and Ravens fans to make nice. So, if your best efforts to keep your industrial electronics cool and dry fail, do not despair.  Water damaged or overheated industrial electronics are often repairable.

Contact our always helpful customer service team if you think you might need power supply repairs, servo motor repairs, monitor repairs, servo drive repairs, circuit board repairs, or any other industrial electronic repairs.  We will be pleased to help you determine the reparability of your water-logged industrial electronics and get them back into service for you, quickly and efficiently.

You can reach us at 800-605-6419 or go directly to our website at for more information or to request and free evaluation for your damaged industrial electronics.

Get Service for Hurricane Damaged Industrial Electronics

Hurricane Irene has been no friend to the East Coast …and certainly no friend to your industrial electronics.  Some good news…our facilities are up and running at ACS.  Even though some of our staff’s homes still do not have power, everyone is pulling to keep ACS busy solving your repair needs.

If you’ve got water or storm damaged industrial electronics, not all is lost.  Many items may still be repairable.  Following Hurricane Katrina the ACS team was able to provide repair services to many companies affected.  Our techs were able to repair many pieces of industrial electronics including a large quantity of circuit boards coated in Louisiana mud.  It was messy, but we did it!

Get your equipment back up and running fast.  Our tech team is ready to help you with board repairs, power supply repairs, drive repairs, motor repairs, monitors, encoder repairs, and most other industrial electronics repairs.

For assistance, call our helpful customer service team at 800-605-6419 or go directly to our website where you can request a repair evaluation   Rush service is available.